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    Art of War Idea?

    Art of War is currently a talent lackluster and described by most as well.. lackluster.
    I got this idea from somewhere and elaborated on it a bit. what do you think?

    Hand of War - 30s CD - 6s Duration : Target is immune to stun and Polymorph effects. Only one Hand per Paladin may be placed on the target.

    Discuss? or perhaps your own ideas of this talent?

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    Re: Art of War Idea?

    Eh. Seems a little outa sinc to me with the other hand spells, because of that low cooldown.

    I do think it should make blessing of freedom give immunity to fear polymorph stun and disorient effects.

    Its low enough in the ret tree to warrant this, and it would essentially give us another bubble but still taking damage. And , it can be dispelled as well as being on a 3 min cooldown.

    In either case though, Blizzard needs to make art of war and some of the other low end ret talent look really good or everyone is just going to blow them off and get 30sec off of HoJ...
    WTB Spell/Grammer check?

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