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    Glyphs? and paladin BoL?

    Sorry to make another post, I know there are too many atm, but I couldn't find the answers to either of my two questions...How does the Glyph system work? how many can one person have at one time...how what umm? :P ...are they somthing that only the rich will be able to afford?.. ???

    Sorry for all the questions but I'm at a total loss on the Subject. I really don't know what information is out their so if some of this isn't know yet, it would be nice to know, thanks for your time...

    But I also have one more quick question, does anyone know if BoL for paladins will work with overhealing? and if it crits on 1 target does it count as 2 crits or just 1, or if one crits will the other heal for the same ammount even?
    Hmm, I have confused myself with that one, but any info would be great

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    Re: Glyphs? and paladin BoL?

    glyphs are made threw inscription. they are like enchants for your spells / abilitys. you can have 3 major and 3 minor. and if your a 450 enscriptionist you can have 4 major. idk about the other question.

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    Re: Glyphs? and paladin BoL?

    alright, thanks that's a big help ;D

    one thing I also would like to ask is are they replaceable? or are you stuck with them for life

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    Re: Glyphs? and paladin BoL?

    I may not have noticed, but when did they change to 3 minor/3 major? Also, currently alot of glyphs are only hella expensive because of lack of inscribers. the mats are relatively cheap as hell if you are an herby, decently priced otherwise. Bring mats Cheap Glyphs. glyphs function like Sockets in armor/weapons. You can change at any time by removing. currently they are destroyed in the process just like Gems.

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    Re: Glyphs? and paladin BoL?

    Since they are situational was thinking they might not be too expensive to make and profits would come from mass sales. Some are designed for PvP others for PvE other just for fun. Making them to expensive would make it even harder for raiders to respec and reglyph for arenas and for PvP to PvE. But I don't know anything this just seemed like it would make sense.

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