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    [Suggestion] Engy: Nitro Boost


    A quick suggestion for engy. A trinket or mount upgrade that adds a quick boost to mount speed - a nitro boost!

    If necessary, make it applicable only to engy mounts.

    Not a game-breaking issue, but definitely a perk.

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    Re: [Suggestion] Engy: Nitro Boost

    You mean A Trinket Who gives you some more speed on your mount for a few seconds. ??.. Cus There are Already trinkets whit 10%+ Mount Speed. http://thottbot.com/i25653 ( Riding Crop . ) Blizzzard is Trying To get it out of the Trinket slot Cus its stupid to end up whit that in a fight and you cant replace your other trinket anymore.

    If thats what you mean. ???

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    Re: [Suggestion] Engy: Nitro Boost

    I read somewhere on this site that Blizzard will make it so you can "enchant" these +% Riding Speed items on your mount, i will try to find that post.

    So that might be a passive speed boost. As long as for the on use speed boost, i find it useless , or maybe used to chase someone?

    EDIT: Thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=6699.0
    Mounts enchants
    According to the spells available in the game files, most of the trinkets used to boost your mount's speed have been changed to ... enchantments !

    Old items aren't getting replaced on PTRs, there are only new items, and we still don't know if it's a feature from the 2.4.2 patch or not
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