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    So, feral spirit

    Just thought i'd start the feral spirit thread, you know, with a proper subject.

    So, first impressions? They look pretty awesome, what with the healing, (maybe?)leap, stun, and snare removal (don't particularly know how that'll work) and more.

    Just noting that i am in fact a resto shaman, and do not know the intricacies of enhance PvE or PvP besides the fact that you want slow weapons, and need more damage avoidance.

    So, how will these shape up for PvP? PvE? How will they affect the leveling grind? Will they wear fancy pants?

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    well if you ask me its a too long CD on the stun reduce it to 20 like priests fear so we can use it more then once.
    And the healing can be nice really depends on how much it heals for.
    I hope that the Twin Howl will make enemy players target them as well and not only on mobs cause if it doesnt its practical useless.
    Spirit walk can be really usefull if you can use it to remove snare on urself if not it really aint (they become unstoppable threw talents... i think)

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    I think that feral spirit is good now but blizzard will power them more in next build

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    the pvp part of it is extremely good, basically all their spells are pvp oriented right now and extremely powerful at that, im waiting for the next build for the pve to be implimented

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    i really didn't want to have to manage pets, i'm not playing a hunter

    but i imagine i'm in the minority on that, and in the end i'm just going to have to try them out before i can make a descision

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Quote Originally Posted by anibrus
    i really didn't want to have to manage pets, i'm not playing a hunter

    but i imagine i'm in the minority on that, and in the end i'm just going to have to try them out before i can make a descision
    You're not a alone on that one.. I'm a resto shaman who's sick of healing, and i've always loved enhance but never been able to get a raid spot...

    But seriously, I never would have thought shamans with pets, and it sucks imo

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Gonna break it down to each ability as far as Enhancement PvE and PvP viability goes.

    Feral Spirit (Tier 11) is now implemented. Pet skills include :

    Bash - Your Spirit Wolves stun the target for 2 sec. (45 sec cooldown) I think I called this's a once per summon skill with a duration that you will miss if you blink. It's good for an interrupt but not for much else...I can't even see a mage wasting blink on this one. PvE this is useless for a "dps timer" since who the crap cares against trash and bosses will just be immune anyway.

    Twin Howl - Your Spirit Wolves howl, forcing all enemies to attack them for 6 sec. (15 sec cooldown) This is a guaranteed winner since they will almost certainly have 11k hp right...right? It's PvP usage is crazy good as well...wait.

    Spirit Walk - Removes all movement impairing effects and increases the movement speed of you and your Spirit Wolves by 60% for 15 sec. (25 yd range, 32 sec cooldown) Finally a way to remove movement has a lengthy CD but the speed increase makes up for, no it doesn't we already have all this crap and this is a total waste in PvP you will probably use it just because its there...but if they took it out no one would complain.

    Spirit Hunt - Your Spirit Wolves' attacks heal them and you for 5 sec. (10 sec cooldown) Heals in PvE are not needed since, as discussed everywhere, AE/Raid healing is going to be through the roof...we don't need a personal heal effect as well. For PvP this could be the only saving grace of this talent, short CD with a decent duration...but what % of dmg is healed? How much dmg do they do anyway? There are alot of things that could change the usefulness of this.

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Now that's just complaining too much.

    Bash might not seem useful at all but it's a nice little interrupt and it's good to stop being a little so you can get a small heal in. In PvE as well, if you get in trouble.

    Twin Howl is also good if you are in a little bit of trouble... Just use it and heal/bandage, then you're all right. If it would change the target of people in PvP, it would be even better.

    Spirit Walk is awesome. How the heck can you complain about this? Personally I think it rocks in both PvP and PvE, allowing you to get to places faster and catch up to people in PvP. If they took it out then yes, people would complain.

    Spirit Hunt is also great. I guess it depends on how much it heals but it's only a 10 second cooldown. So it's pretty good. I find it very useful.

    Seriously, I know a lot of things could use improvement but complaining about those abilities is just a bit over the top.

    Also, if anyone doesn't realize why Shamans have the pets, then you've probably never played Warcraft III. Shamans (or Far Seers, like Thrall) used Spirit Wolves there.

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    They seem decent. I won't go any futher until I can test them myself on beta realms.

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    bash is quite nice since shamans atm dont have a single skill to stun ppl ( fire nova totem now also stuns for 2 sec, but i bet thats getting nerfed back to a slow ), and i gotta test it more but it seems one wolf stun first and then the second one does.

    twin howl at lvl 80 im guessing both wolf together will sum up around 12 k hp, that makes it quite nice for pve imo. and when u use this skills a frost nova appears on your target , dunno if its supposed to be and snare or its a graphic bug. ( hopping for the first one)

    spirit walk nice for pvp removing movement imparing from u and increasing your run speed by 60 % to be able to catch up ppl or run away from them, also nice for some encounters in pve

    spirit hunt, my wolves deals around 1xx dmg each and the healing seems to be 150 % of their dmg dealt into healing, so u are getting healed for around 150 hp for each of their attacks

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    How fast do they attack, Rehea? If they have an attack speed of 1:00 second I can see it being somewhat usefull while 2:00 would most likely be too slow for PvP

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    their attack speed seems slow, probably 2.0 however they can be buffed with windfury totem and heroism

    here is a proof of the x2 stun :

    and here a screenshot of the possible root :

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Well you wont be a hunter with pets, spirit wolves only last 45 seconds, not a whole 10 minute long duration boss fight

    and as of now the spirit wolves damage is TERRIBLE, but it will probably be buffd, theres a good chance itll be like mages water elemental right now, water elementals do ALOT of damage but its just the frost tree overall with all the frozen targets u need etc makes frost not good for pve.

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Seems alot of people are complaining about this talent. Mostly on a few other Wotlk forums and it's hard for me to understand. If the wolves can stun twice in the 45sec they are up and you spec 17 points into elemental that is 3 2sec stuns, one of which is an aoe stun.

    The healing and damage numbers really shouldn't be looked at since this is just the start of them actually working. I am sure the numbers will be worked around to be better. The healing is very nice from the few videos I have seen and comments here about the % of healing from the damage.

    The videos I have seen include one of the wolves leaping towards the target and I am very curious if one of the beta people here could test to see if this also interupts casting if timed correctly. Also it seems they have a chance on hit to freeze the target which is just another added PVP benefit. I mainly play PVP and dabble a bit in PVE and I would think that speccing 21 points into elemental would be the most viable dps spec to raid with but of course I can't test this and I don't care to test numbers but it's just an idea.

    I am also very excited for Spirit Walk. Not so much to catch up with people even though it will be great against mages once they blink a stun from one of the wolves. I really like it for the running away ability. I have always played a feral druid as my main since before BC so getting away to get a heal has been a key part of actually winning a fight, especially pre BC. Spirit Walk allows us to very easily get out of range of almost anyone in combination with stuns, totems, and shocks to get at least 2 solid heals off.

    Overall I am pretty excited for this talent. I was planning on going 21 deep in elemental for my PVP build but this is really pushing me to go all the way into Enhancement.

    Edit: Judging from it seems that the taunt they do is what freezes the target in place. So this makes even this attack very viable for PVP.

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Better to drop the talents and go more into elem. than this talent pve and possibly pvp. Depends if it is buffed or not.
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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Quote Originally Posted by Swiftero
    Also, if anyone doesn't realize why Shamans have the pets, then you've probably never played Warcraft III. Shamans (or Far Seers, like Thrall) used Spirit Wolves there.
    I did play W3, and all the others as well

    and I just don't want a pet, I really just don't want to manage one. fortunately for me, with how they're looking right now, it doesn't really seem like something that'll be necessary to stay at the top of your raid game, so i just won't pick them up. but this is just my opinion

    also, if you're going to reference W3 as proof of anything, then we need to get rid of all male nelf hunters, female nelf druids, paladins and shamans are "Hero Classes" etc etc. i.e. blizzard doesn't care about previous lore, but we should all be aware of this by now

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    Re: So, feral spirit

    Quote Originally Posted by Mirrel
    well if you ask me its a too long CD on the stun reduce it to 20 like priests fear so we can use it more then once.
    priests fear is 30 seconds not 20
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    Re: So, feral spirit

    What I don't understand about the complainers is: every build I've ever made on beta the 1 lousy point saved from NOT getting spirit wolves goes where? W

    hat difference in any spec can that 1 point make? We already have spare points pretty much. So why not get it? Everything adds up.

    Unless you're one of those people that will never ever get it out of spite. Well have fun with your 2% increased shock dmg (/cheer) and I'll have fun with my BADASS SPIRIT WOLVES!
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    What a bunch of bullshit.
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    Re: So, feral spirit

    I don't play enhancement shaman, but all in all I think those spirit wolves are pretty awesome. They essentially make you get an instant 3-man group every 3 minutes, and they'll even heal you even if you're out of sight. Not to mention the speed buff...
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    Re: So, feral spirit

    I don't particularly understand the speed buff, already have spectral transformation for snare break and speed, but whatever. They do look a bit unfinished, but AT LEAST they are not treants.

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