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    Re: Raid DPS Rankings?

    mage on 2nd place ? i will die before i will see that ~~
    1 rogue hunter
    2 lock
    3 doesnt matter
    Quote Originally Posted by Darhaja
    bad math ur doing 1.5.... its 150%* sooo 100 haste rating = 250 after the buff* or 300 haste rating 150% = 750 haste dunno how u got 1.5 or 15% anywhere its giving u 150% more haste from the haste u already have why do ppl try to always complicate things.

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    Re: Raid DPS Rankings?

    1) rogue most over time
    2) mage or lock fast at start if lose mana useless.
    3) not really important but i would say hunter or fury warrior

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    Re: Raid DPS Rankings?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wintie
    1) Warlocks, Mages, Hunters, Rogues (Pure DPS classes)
    2) Fury Warriors, Shadow Priests, Ele/Ench Shaman, DPS DK's (Can fit 2 roles)
    3) Boomkin, Ret Pallies. (Can fit 3 roles)

    For all you Hybrids saying "well we have to go and respec and get gear", yeah thats all good and stuff but we have to reroll if we want to heal... all our mounts, titles, rep, pets, gear GONE! I rolled a Druid for this very reason, if you want to do good DPS then REROLL LIKE WE HAVE TO! Don't spew this bullshit.

    Utility is a non-issue now with the buff changes. The rest is irrelevant, luxuries mostly.
    wow isnt pve only game.

    sorry but we can't do that while stunned, poly, feared, blinded.

    would you bring an enh shaman over a rogue or an ele shaman over a mage in your arena team??

    reason why hybrid sucks in arena in TBC because their damage is 30% lower than pure classes and their so called "utility" and buff pretty much useless.

    show me a 3v3 team on MLG which bring any shaman or pally, feral/balance druid.

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