I am not in the beta since I didn't apply to get in, but I have followed the development closely due to my interest in the spec/class. So when I read about the devs wanting retridin feedback, my mind started spinning a few ideas. I don't know if they are good enough to be proposed, or if I am even too late to do so. But I thought, if any retri beta tester liked them enough, they could suggest it on my behalf.

Divine purpose, currently a bit superflous due to toughness reducing movement impairing effects and it feels like a "I am going to do my duty and nothing is going to stop me" kind of talent. So the thought that came to mind for me was how about a talent that gives you the ability with this kind of effect:
"Divine purpose fills your body causing effects like polymorph, fear and cyclone to be nullified. 1/2/3 second duration, 1 minute cool down. Does not break crowd control already in place." Something to allow us a small edge when we are trying to catch up and see that mage, warlock or druid starting to cast their CC spell, allowing us to reach our target. Having it last a very small amount of time and having a fair cooldown would make it less overpowered. And having to use it as pre-emptive instead of breaking the CC makes it a "fun" mechanic in my opinion.

A talent to replace art of war (I personally don't like it in its current form, despite some claiming it to be a must have for pvp).
Art of war (2 points):
"Art of war reduces the chance of your hand spells and Avenging wrath being dispelled by an additional (so it could be stacked with stoicism iif wanted for a total of 80%) 25/50%"
This should make hand of freedom (and other hands) as well as wings to be relatively protected while still making it possible to dispel them. Bloating talents is a good thing. And splitting this effect from "Sanctified wrath" gives the choice of speccing toward PvP or PvE.

Righteous Vengeance (altered slightly to get the mana regen back to the tree)
"Righteous vengeance increases critical damage bonus of your judgement and Divine storm spells by 5/10/15/20/25% and your judgements return 11/22/33/44/55% of the damage done back to mana"
Putting it in a tier 10 ret talent makes it impossible to reach for other specs, and righteous vengeance just affecting 2 spells was a bit weak in my opinion for a tier 10. But then again, I am not in beta. I don't see fully how powerful it is.

Anyway, that was all I had for now. Feel free to post comments, negative and positive alike. But try to keep it constructive.