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    Two Glyphs enter, one Glyph leaves!
    Two Glyphs enter, one Glyph leaves!
    Two Glyphs enter, one Glyph leaves!
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    Re: Naxx Ret Set

    Quote Originally Posted by Maenetus
    SoV is triggered on every swing.

    it works best with a fast weapon. So yes haste helps SoV
    even so... once SoV is up, haste wont benefit it anymore. it still seems to be a waste to have THAT much haste on our gear.

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    Re: Naxx Ret Set

    What informatino do we have that suggests that Seal of Vengeance will be the best PVE seal available to the Paladins? Some preliminary and rather vague theorycrafting worked up weeks ago when the itemization was not even being revealed yet?

    The introduction of items like these totally throw all the previous theorycrafting right off the table.

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    Re: Naxx Ret Set

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaeryth
    Having intellect on retribution gear is retarded from the beginning

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    Maybe a reason why SoV would not be.

    Attack Power and Spell Power scaling on all Seals and Judgements other than Command and Blood has been reduced.

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    Re: Naxx Ret Set

    ahhh fair enough. where is this post tho?

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    Re: Naxx Ret Set

    I think the paladin Naxx set looks pretty cool right now. That might change but still black and gold is always a nice color scheme
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