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    Inscription Cooldowns?

    Don't know if it has been stated anywhere or not, (though I have been searching many a forums and haven't found any word yet) but I'm seeing from wowhead that the glyphs seem to have these cooldowns.

    Ex) http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?item=40912

    I'm wondering from those of you playing beta whether the glyphs are permanent passive bonuses given to you once you put them on, or whether you have to activate them like a trinket, with the "buff" from the glyph lasting x amount of time. Any and all answers to this question are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Inscription Cooldowns?

    Glyphs are permanent buffs to your spells till you remove/change your glyphs. And from what I remember in the blue post, they said that glyphs are intended to be cheap and easily changeable.

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    Re: Inscription Cooldowns?

    They are permanent passive bonuses, until you change them with no need to activate

    The cooldown is so you can't change your glyphs every 2min.
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    Re: Inscription Cooldowns?

    The 1 Hour cooldown you see is to prevent people to switch glyph during combat.
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