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    Re: What exactly happened to holy paladins?

    what is overheal? is it this point of healing which is totally luck-based? (i.e brutallus)
    stopcasting = lower HPS = tank dead PERHAPS( = luck = not good)
    fol = lower HPS than downranked HL = tank dead PERHAPS ( = luck = not good)

    btw i can spam hl11 6min! with 2k ms between every cast :P

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    Re: What exactly happened to holy paladins?

    Quote Originally Posted by meroko
    If you downranked as a paladin you sucked, i'm sorry to be blunt but it's true. The only thing I ever downranked was a rank 1 holy light to proc my libram (22 mp5) and that's it. I never have mana issues and i'm in Sunwell, with 224 haste. If you are having mana issues, instead of taking the easy way out of downranking (and yes this is why they removed it so people stop being dumb and not learning their class) maybe you should regem and up your MP5 or better yet your Crit.

    Pallies are fine in TBC, Pallies are better in WOTLK. Please learn the class...

    And beacon of light > sheath of light...

    Let's see, an ability I can use where i can heal 2 people at once, or a situational hot that i'll never really need. Face it, our HOly Light's at 70 are already 8.5k crits (and you shoudl be critting most of them) so why would we need 60% of that into a hot? Unless the tank is about to die, it's very very situational whereas beacon is not. Sheath of Light is more suitable for PVP imo but...I would see it being a good choice to have maybe 1 paladin pick up Sheath for raids and the rest beacons but that's it.
    You're an idiot. End yourself, please.

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    Re: What exactly happened to holy paladins?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chumpp
    @ meroko

    Simply put, anyone who thinks flash of light is a good heal is a retard. And I may be wrong here, but top rank holy light is probably the least mana efficient heal in the game if it doesn't crit.
    Well the problem is (and let's be fair about this) until some of BT and ALL of Sunwell paladins use FoL a LOT and can get away with it too, SSC/TK even a lot of MH and half of BT paladins could/would/should use FoL a LOT in between chucking HL on targets taking mass damage.

    The problem comes when you hit sunwell and let's face it, it's OBVIOUS that meroko hasn't much if any experience of the instance or he's just an annoying 9 year old trolling to annoy people:P

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    Re: What exactly happened to holy paladins?

    i desperatly want too see any paladin in sunwell pull off entire boss fights chain casting rank 11 holy light.

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    Re: What exactly happened to holy paladins?

    Now now guys - Don't go all crazy on meroko and GayGirlie. They are after all the best palas in the game you know. They dont use downranking.

    OH... BTW - Who cares if they missed the part in TBC about Light Grace and the donwranking for Holy light to rank 8. You know.. there even was a SPECIAL libram for it on Lurker Below...

    Holy paladins need major rewamp on the basic thinking of the class. Atm - with the removal of downranking - the class is stuck with very limited healing ablites - both in way of healing - who to heal, range on healing value (min/max) and mana cost of spells.

    Holy spec needs more variety in healing. Now.. geniouses like GayGirlie can keep on talking bull about something they dont' know nothing about - But maybe its time that BLizzard actually listens to the holy palas and actually do something about the real issues that the spec has been going throug in TBC and the obvious lakc of abilites to fullfill their role in diffrent situations in WOTLK that is INEVATABLE with the removal of downranking.

    Some paladins dont want to see groupheal/raidheal implemented. I really wonder.. if that is the same ppl that were growing tired of the same old same old ways to heal in TBC. I doubt it and maybe its time that some of those ppl shut their mouths or at least actually read some of the comments that masses of holy paladins have been pointing out about the class for the last months.

    Go ahead. Have a read through 400 pages of comments.

    I had a long discussion on these forums last night that aparently are full of the ppl that have exclusive rights to have an opinion about the spec. I dared to point out diffrent points of view and I got reported for going offtopic... Well - those ppl did not make much of a case in that topic other than - " You are wrong". I say so and noone agrees with you" Funny thing is that some of those ppl are those making remarks like "Those that use downranks are retards". That is not how to discuss the issues in civilised manner.

    Funny ... I dont see everyone agreeing that everyone that uses downranking are retarded...

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    Re: What exactly happened to holy paladins?

    If Blizzard does not want to add a mid-range healing spell for Paladins, they need to return Illumination to 100% to compensate for the overhealing required to even come remotely close to other healing classes and their abilities.

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