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    Yet another Enhancement PvP build


    What do you think?
    2 ways to stun them, instant GW+Spectral transformation, defensive totem focus. One major flaw is no Unleashed Rage, but if I am the only one who needs AP in my arena team that is good enough. Only personal AP loss is acceptable. No Reverberation because we are already short on GCDs.

    Feel free to comment.

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    Re: Yet another Enhancement PvP build

    I can't really comment on your spec, since I will most likely have anticipation in my version.

    Mainly because every rogue will have http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?spell=51722.

    So not only do we have to endure 10 seconds of stun, but the rogue can use a 10 second disarm right after and if we aren't dead yet, he can tip it off with evasion, which will be 20 seconds if you improve it. If he really is a green geared fail rogue, he can clos and vanish, starting all over with the stun. Incase everything fails, he can blind us and sprint away, surviving yet another encounter vs the fearsome lolhancement shaman.

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    Re: Yet another Enhancement PvP build

    You didn't take Unleashed rage which actually is a 10% ap bonus which will be active 99% of the time, since you'll be critting alot as Enh and atleast once every 10 sec shouldn't be to hard. You should take that for sure.
    I still find this build the best seen so far, and which I'll be going to take probably:


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    Re: Yet another Enhancement PvP build


    I only avoid nature's grasp because i dont recall the last time i had to kite someone AROUND earthbind in pvp xD.

    Usually if it was a warrior, i would just play with his cooldowns and stance switching until i made my strikes and self heals and GW getaway heals.

    i also want to maximize my damage potential WHILE maximizing the advantage of having 3 stats boost my AP while doing what normally do.
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    Re: Yet another Enhancement PvP build

    Just a thought, but what would you think about an off healing spechttp://talent.mmo-champion.com/?


    i know static shock seems bad but i am trying to be optimistic,

    but as PvP enhancement i will probably take this spec


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    Re: Yet another Enhancement PvP build

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