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    Re: WotLK Gold Investment

    Crafting reagents are your best bet really.

    Metals / Ore / Herbs / Leather

    Also, rare patterns.
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    Re: WotLK Gold Investment

    Per profession:
    * Enchanting: mostly high end mats such as Planar Essence, Arcane Dust, shards/voids, etc.
    * Tailoring/First Aid: Netherweave and heaps of it. Expect to see people level to 400 skill with it.
    * Smithing: Adamantite, Khorium, Felsteel would be the top 3 for levelling BS in xpack
    * Leatherworking: (Heavy) Knothide Leather
    * Herbs: Both high end herbs as well as a serious amount of low level herbs and anything in between really, as a LOT of people will be levelling Inscription from scratch on top of 375-450 Alchemy.
    * Gold: to give to me ofcourse

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