The Dotadin?

Greetings, my name is Montoya... you killed my father... prepare to die!

And now that I got that out of the way, I've been theorycrafting the new talents and abilities for some time now, and have been toying with a few ideas.

Well, it's the all same idea, but in three different specs.

The idea is the abuse of Seal of Corruption/Vengeance. It's been proven by current beta testers that it is the most powerful seal, and that it scales horrendeously well with our abilities and new gearsets.

Please keep in mind that I am taking all of these specs as if wearing Ret/Tank gear.

So, withut further ado... The Dotadins!

Spec #1 - The Survival Dotadin

This spec is designed around carrying a sword and board. Having massive damage reduction and reduced spell hit chance. While trying to capitalize on the ret bonuses to damage. This build is designed to outlast your opponent and DOT them to death.

Spec #2 - The Shocky Dotty

And here we have a Shockadin who's spent a little too much time with the Retadins. YOu have an incredibly amount of damage potential with Holy Shock and the additional damage coming in from Ret Talents. This, combined with swinging a massive two hander for additional damage, could be incredibly deadly. Aslo factor in that Seal of C/V's judgement can be affected by all of this and more.

This build boasts a lot of bursty goodness, with Dot's abound, and supplemental healing for survival.

Spec #3 - The AoE Dotadin! (Yes, it's here!!!)

And so you have the all out, balls to the wall, burst it while you can Ret paladin. Combined with Seal of C/V it can be quite deadly. White Hits plus Crusader Strike and Divine storm, all with the first 3 seconds of combat is a quick way to apply a 3 stack of the SoC/V debuff. And when combined with Divine Storm, you have yourself a AoE (Sure it's only 8 yards) DoT. Now that seals activate on special abilities, you can tie these two together.

This should make for some easy multi-mob grinding in PvE, and some very unhappy rogues/nelfs in PvP.

I can't wait until the content patch goes semi-live on the PTR's to try them out.

What do you think? A Dotadin? Can it work?