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    Orc Shaman Dual Weilding

    I've watched pretty closely to see what sort of loot would be available (yeah, I know, it's beta) from the raids in WotLK, but I don't recall seeing even one axe for dual weilders.

    The orc racial bonus was (will still be?) 5% expertise while using axes. It was one compelling reason to use Rising Tide over the badge fist weapons.

    Perhaps Blizzard will change the racial to fist weapons instead.

    Care to chime in, Blizz?

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    Re: Orc Shaman Dual Weilding

    there allready is topic about this problem


    no need to start new one

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    Re: Orc Shaman Dual Weilding

    Lol, not sure at what you're trying to get to, but there is evidentally more than one race to the shaman class.. why should blizz change current item ideas to benefit a specific race.. lol.
    Besides, the fist weapons look cool!

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    Re: Orc Shaman Dual Weilding

    The reason is that orcs benefit most from axes. Don't get me wrong, I like cool looking gear, but exploiting any advantage you may have (racial, class, faction, etc.) can all be useful for raiding.

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    Re: Orc Shaman Dual Weilding

    Omg, now that maces don't give me mace stun for warrior pvp, please change human racial to axes, plzzzzz address blizz, this is a srs issue.

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    Re: Orc Shaman Dual Weilding

    More loot posted... still no one handed axes. Who do have to bribe?

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    Re: Orc Shaman Dual Weilding

    Stop to bump your topic. Someone already pointed out a topic with the same damn subject.
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