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    Is blacksmithing worth it?

    For just a weapon? I plan on rolling a death knight...and I dont see how having a 2H (or duel wield) weapon plus 1 socket will help that much, when i can take engineering lets say and get a helm too....

    How do the weapons pair up? I dont feel like getting burned like in tbc..

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    Re: Is blacksmithing worth it?

    Just wait until the release?
    It's still being changed on a bi-weekly basis.
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    Re: Is blacksmithing worth it?

    I am asking myself the same question..even already in TBC ^^

    At least my engineer can easily collect motes, has a funky helicopter and a nice destruction holo thingy helm.

    But what is there for blacksmiths others than the insane money and mat sink to 375 (360 now with the outlook to burn 600 adamatite ores on my way to 375) ?

    Why am I doing it anyhow? Completeness sake, I guess....every class, every profession

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    Re: Is blacksmithing worth it?

    if your going to be a warrior, death knight or paladin.
    I would say yes BS is worth it wrath does have a very good amount of items and useful stuff for bs unlike in tbc/pre-tbc.

    Im most likely going BS/Mining then later drop mining and do BS/Ench. since i have another toon that does mining.

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    Re: Is blacksmithing worth it?

    First of all dont lvl BS to 375 now, because mats cost insane ammounts of gold. In addition these items wont even cover half of your expenses.
    IMO when LK will be launched there will be new ores so you will be able to lvl BS with new LK recpies which will be a lot cheaper. But that doeasnt change the fact that maxing BS will be still expensive.

    On the other hand (now in BC) BS is not goldbringer prof. Mining yes, BS not.
    This wil lpropably change in LK - sockets

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    Re: Is blacksmithing worth it?


    WotLK recipes are starting at 350 skill. Don't waste your money going above 360 skill until the expansion. I think 350-360 was some sort of greater rune of warding for skill gains, so it's still cheaper.

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