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    Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    How about altering the concecration spell to heal aswell as doing damage so every friendly/party member that stands in it gets healed for the same amount that is being dealt?

    I have never played a paladin in high end raids so I really don't know how much healing this would generate but it would sure help as AoE heal for tight cornered fights.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    The idea has been thrown out multiple times. It's just like holy nova then...

    Leave Concicration alone. It's fine.

    Edit: Also, doing the heaing equal to it's current damage would be "OP" or out of a spells "Budget."
    For this to work they would have to tone down to the damage to allow for the healing.
    If you tone down Damage, Pally AoE Tanking suffers A LOT.
    That is all.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration


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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    Wow thats so crazy!!! And original as well!

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    I personally like the idea, but the nerf that would hit the Consecration damage (already relatively low) or increased mana cost would hurt the ability a lot.
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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    TBH this has been the number one idea from holy palas in the last two years. It is part of the paladin way and would suit the class really really well. I have brought this idea up loads of times.

    Regarding it beeing to op if you try to syncronice it with the dmg effect.... Who said it had to be the same spell? Consecration of healing with special ground effects (BLUE PREFERED) would solve that. To late now since yes... Blizzard wont bother to make new animations for palas... Well.. they made like 10 diffrent animations for buffs tho to make sure Kalgan could see when they were used against his warrior...

    As a seprate spell it could easily have same CD as dmg consecration to prevent casting both over each other.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    Yea, this has been thrown out for quite literally years.

    Not so crazy.

    They would have to nerf the shit out of it or make it a talent in the holy tree.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    My suggestion has been, and will be again in beta, that Holy get a talent that converts damage done to enemies into healing done to allies. It should be a 3 point talent for the following reasons:

    1) Allow PVE Holy to convert 100% damage to 100% healing

    2) Allow PVP Holy to convert 66% of damage healing, leaving 33% damage to break stealth.

    The healing change should be modified as all healing is with the 1.889 modifier.

    If the talent was setup as such there would be no need to change anything about the base spell as the Paladin is making an equal trade off.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    Why? I mean this SOUNDS kind of cool but then if you think about it who wants to have people stand on a little tiny consecration effect. Wouldn't that suffer the same problem as a Beacon of Light with it's 10 yard hot. Plus it would stay stationary on the ground so in pvp people would be stuck in one place which wouldn't work very well. Also in PVE and PVP the damage portion could cause it to break crowd control if it was the same spell.

    I think consecration should work like a barrier. People who are caught in the consecration can't step off of it and people who are outside the consecration can't step onto it. Kind of like hallowed ground and vampires or whatever. Of course that idea is stupid too but it would at least be more amusing in game then a healing consecration (aka old beacon of light).
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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    To anyone saying they would have to tone the damage down if Consecrate did healing, I remind you to take a look at your Holy Shock tooltip.

    And just because it would be situational at best doesn't mean you should dismiss the idea. It's a pretty decent one.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    i think this is stupid idea ... and very old.

    On the other hand if blizzard would make tranable new ability that share cd with consecration that u can cast aoe heal on ground and heal for some small amount only without dmg would be ok... so u have to cast consecration to do dmg or that other spell for healing it might work. Or even place that new spell in place of aura master that should be baseline anyway.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    There is already a skill similar to this affect for another class, priests.

    It has been noted above that Blizzard will nerf the damage done by consecration or increase the cool down or even the amount of mana required to use it. This in result would greatly nerf prot. paladins and ret. paladins. Being a prot. paladin, I see what harm could result from this. I use consecrate like candy to aoe tank and to keep aggro. If they added this effect to consecrate, i see more bad coming from it. Yes, a prot. paladin would get more threat from the healing. But it will not give enough threat if they jacked up the cost of mana for it or even extend the cool down. So more than likely, the prot. paladin would have to fight (more) to keep the mobs off the healers and dps. And as a result the prot. paladin would have to stack spell damage (or spell power, depending on what expansion pack), instead of stamina or even avoidance.

    I can't tell you what effect this would do to ret. paladins, but I surely don't think it would be good for them either. The only ones that might get some use out of this skill would be holy paladins. But then again this skill would not even use for boss fights where everyone must spread out. Plus how many fights do you know of that a group has to stand a top one another or within a small confined area?

    In my opinion, this spell would most likely end up like the priest's holy nova. Which is fairly unused by most priest. It would do more harm to the paladin class than good. But that is from my point of view and my opinion.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    I don't consecration as ret (only rank 1 for stealth) since it wastes mana so if anything I think it'd help against melee fights to get some heals

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    I had never heard enyoe mention this idea before but I can guess it's been around before.
    I thought about it more as on a PvE encounter a prot paladin would also heal melee group thus helping healers out on healing melee. For a Holy Paladin dropping this on on boss encounter wouldnt really help much since most boss fights requires you to move around as caster.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    Consagration heal will not be OP, since consagration will heal something like 2k healh in 8 sec, thats nothing really, its just to help the group a little.

    to not hurt the cost for this spell for prot and ret pally, put this as a talent deep in holy.

    Holy Consagration = you consegration spell heal group/raid members for 50%/75%/100% of damage done.

    this will be usefull? maybe. too mana costy in my opinion.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    would be interesting for prot palas imo: cast consecrate whilst tanking, costs a fair chunk of your tiny mana pool but heals you a little and gives you a little mana back from spiritual attunement? whilst it would be hardly on the scale of illumination it might help mana issues slightly? :S (thinking more for those situations like you see now where say a paladin tank in good gear in kara doesnt get hit hard enough to get healed enough for full mana regen).

    chances are it would be useless for a prot pala to heal melee as if he/she is MT and the boss is large and/or has any kind of cleave type move no melee will be able to get close enough - the obvious exception here would be where the paladin is not MT on a one tank fight so goes ret style DPS and dps'es amongst the melee from behind the boss. typically tho when not tanking most paladins switch to healing gear rather than melee dps.

    I like the idea myself, doubt blizz will make it happen tho :-\

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    beacon of light is essentially this but better and also you don't get mana back by healing yourself as a paladin.

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    Quote Originally Posted by FluffyWuffms

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    Healing effect on consicration should ONLY be for holy paladins. Even suggesting that prot should have it... Prot has their job covered.

    Seriously ...

    Prot are tanking
    Ret are dpsing
    Holy is healing

    Now... if rets wanna be healing AND DPSing at the same time.... It wont work

    If healing the you will do less dmg. So now what want retadins to do?

    Basicly rets should NOT be able to judgle light - and they should NOT be able to use any healing effect. For the full duration of expansion rets complained that they had to heal instead to do dmg. SO... How about doing that ? ...

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    Re: Just got this crazy idea. Healing concecration

    Learn to spell Consecration.

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