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    [email protected] change!

    Lol spectral transformation was too much like druid shape shifting so they gave shamans blessing of freedom totem??!??!?!?!?

    I know it's not identical but neither was spectral to druid morphing, for example shamans did not get poly immunity with theirs. So really this new change is about as close to Paladin abilities as the old one was to Druid abilities.

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    Re: [email protected] change!

    Shaman forums

    That way --------->

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    Re: [email protected] change!

    Quote Originally Posted by Xheoul
    Shaman forums

    That way --------->
    This involves at least 3 classes, Shamans, Paladins and Druids.

    And also addresses the general issue of class homogenization.

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    Re: [email protected] change!

    As far as I know this is a thread about a shaman talent that was removed...

    Personally me as a Paladin and a Druid dont care if the talent was removed or not :/ My shaman is long gone retired.

    So IMO discussing a shaman talent that was removed or changed should go to the shaman forums, since were not really talking about homogenization of the classes in general... Just one talent...

    But I'll play along.

    Honestly, the whole "loltotemoffreedom" thing can be a good thing and a bad thing... yay for group buff, nay for totems being such easy targets... in the long run people would just get used to it and move on i guess..Although the ghost wolf thing had me kinda excited on playing my shaman again, seeing as removing movement imparing effects with GW was gonna be pretty awesome.

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    Re: [email protected] change!

    I wouldn't say that me as a paladin cares about this change at all.

    All I know is that it kept me from leveling a shaman.

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    Re: [email protected] change!

    hahaha so i just got done pondering something.

    T < your imp EB totem/Your enemies> T

    both placed 5 yards apart by two enhance shammy in bg.
    *snareunsnaresnareunsnaresnareunsnare* in like 3 seconds. what the hell would be the point of this totem? hahaha. i cant stop laughing at it. xD
    Do not underestimate us.

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