Hello everyone I'm new here in the forum, but as a beta tester in Wotlk and also a Shaman enhancement I wanted to post here some experiences that I'm having there.
this is my char:
this is my wotlk talent tree:
obs.: PvE raid build.

1º step:
as soon I logged in beta I realized that my talent tree was empty, so them I started to spend my points looking for my spirit wolves( just cute as Thrall's wolves in fact ) and move forward to Orgrimar to get the zep heading to the new continent. I had some problems with my interface and discovered the new windows that popup when:

- needed to mount( new tile at 'c' key), in that tile we have 2 options : mounts and pets, but we still have to have them in our bags for summon them;
- summoning my little phoenix( Kael regular MGT ) I did earn an achievement, but the best thing was the preview windows that shows your mount/pet on motion;
-WoLTK quest window, for comments about the quests ... well I didn't spend much time there;

2º step:
Screw with my professions, dropped Skinning and LW 375 for herbalism and inscription, when i realized that I needed to farm herbs was quite sad ¬¬ ... ;
Went to the new continent arriving in the warsong fortress. They have worked well that fortress, the graphics r good, but nothing new( shadowmoon valley looks better ), some issues with the elevator in the fortress( seems that it can't move smooth and have some frame gaps ).
Finally i went to some action and grab my firsts quest, simple quests that u make around the fortress killing some bugs and bombing their holes( joke pls ).
As sson as i went to Borean Tundra i met a DK BE lv70, since i was killing some local kind of clefhoof beast he asked for a duel ... i didn't battle very well, still getting familiar with the new rotations of skill and totens, but well enough to put him under 5% of HP without PvP gear( I just have S2 gear for PvP, without weapons that r the same from PvE gear ), i was finishing my healing when a Ally rogue rapped the DK( o0, very badly i must say ) and turn himself to me, I was at full HP/MANA and with my macro to change gear ( ^^ ), summoned my wolves and killed the rogue in few seconds, another achievement poped Up and i was pleased with myself.
Since the PvP came to me very soon i decided to continue my quest with my PvP gear, with the PvE gear some huge changes were there:

AP - unbuffed was around 1500, now ... 1948 o0;
Mana - raised some, nothing absurd;
Healing - my normal healing waves back in BC was at 2600~, now 3200~ and 5,2k with crits;
CRIT - 6% down ... BC - 29%, wotlk - 23% both unbuffed;
MP5 - isn't enough, just it;

After the quests i went to get my rewards, not so exited because my gear was way better the firsts items ... well i went to a little run around the map and stopped by a cave at "South Borean tundra" ... just did see an Ally arms( i think ) warrior with S3 2h-sword | other sword and did go for engage with him, didn't go so well, found out that arms warriors r quite badasses with titan grip and seems that improved stormStrike don't proc all the hits ... some of them just don't span at my screen( i didn't check if the 3 hits r in the combat log ).
Quite hard to levelUp, even with a good amount of "rested" bar and finishing about 10 quests I didn't filled half of my Xp bar.
After get some from the allies i focused my mind to the other quests and what happened? ... Frost mage Lv70 trying to grank me. Dismounted and engaged with him ... well, he must found out that isn't a good thing to BLINK before cast while been attacked by spirits wolves( he blinked to reach me, wtf??? ) ... after some procs i killed him and the holy pally that was with him.

That was my first day ... sry for my bad English. More comming tomorrow with some screens, i hope.