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    Demonic Pact

    I was wondering if anyone knew if this stacked with totems, Ret pally buffs, or any other buffs of the like.

    If anyone could say Ill be happy and on my way

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    Re: Demonic Pact

    Nothing stacks anymore, here's a list of the things on the same category that don't stack:

    Armor Debuff (Major): Acid Spit (exotic Hunter pet), Expose Armor, Sunder Armor
    Armor Debuff (Minor): Faerie Fire, Sting (Hunter pet), Curse of Recklessness
    Physical Vulnerability Debuff: Blood Frenzy, (2nd Talent Spec TBA)
    Melee Haste Buff: Improved Icy Talons, Windfury Totem
    Melee Critical Strike Chance Buff: Leader of the Pack, Rampage
    Attack Power Buff (Flat Add): Battle Shout, Blessing of Might
    Attack Power Buff (Multiplier): Abomination's Might, Trueshot Aura, Unleashed Rage
    Ranged Attack Power Buff: Hunter's Mark (only Hunters benefit, so no need to exclude against other class abilities)
    Bleed Damage Increase Debuff: Mangle, Trauma
    Spell Haste Buff: Wrath of Air Totem
    Spell Critical Strike Chance Buff: Moonkin Aura, Elemental Oath
    Spell Critical Strike Chance Debuff: Improved Scorch, Winter's Chill
    Increased Spell Damage Taken Debuff: Ebon Plaguebringer, Earth and Moon, Curse of the Elements
    Increased Spell Power Buff: Focus Magic, Improved Divine Spirit, Flametongue Totem, Totem of Wrath, Demonic Pact
    Increased Spell Hit Chance Taken Debuff: Improved Faerie Fire, Misery
    Percentage Haste Increase (All Types): Improved Moonkin Aura, Swift Retribution
    Percentage Damage Increase: Ferocious Inspiration, Sanctified Retribution
    Critical Strike Chance Taken Debuff (All types): Heart of the Crusader, Totem of Wrath
    Melee Attack Speed Slow Debuff: Icy Touch, Infected Wounds, Judgements of the Just, Thunderclap
    Melee Hit Chance Reduction Debuff: Insect Swarm, Scorpid Sting
    Healing Debuff: Wound Poison, Aimed Shot, Mortal Strike, Furious Attacks
    Attack Power Debuff: Demoralizing Roar, Curse of Weakness, Demoralizing Shout
    Stat Multiplier Buff: Blessing of Kings
    Stat Add Buff: Mark of the Wild
    Agility and Strength Buff: Strength of Earth Totem, Horn of Winter
    Stamina Buff: Power Word: Fortitude
    Health Buff: Commanding Shout, Blood Pact
    Intellect Buff: Arcane Intellect, Fel Intelligence
    Spirit Buff: Divine Spirit, Fel Intelligence
    Damage Reduction Percentage Buff: Grace, Blessing of Sanctuary
    Percentage Increase Healing Received Buff: Tree of Life, Improved Devotion Aura
    Armor Increase Percentage Buff: Inspiration, Ancestral Healing
    Cast Speed Slow: Curse of Tongues, Slow, Mind-numbing Poison.

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