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    holy paladin talents

    ok so just wondering if this would be usable/good talent set for wotlk


    i want ur input criticize it idc

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    Re: holy paladin talents

    noone has any input???

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    Re: holy paladin talents

    Dude, it's been 3 minutes since you posted it.

    People are still salivating over the latest build and talents...

    Give it time.
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    Re: holy paladin talents

    kk <.< im inpatient lol

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    Re: holy paladin talents

    It's pretty similar to the pvp guild I was thinking of using. Repentance is an interesting choice...I may go for that. I personally was thinking Unyielding Faith and no Aura Mastery. As far as a pve build...your healing output will be a lot weaker than a beacon pally...but you pretty much never go oom. Guess we'll have to see how the new batteries pan out.

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