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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuronv
    This is definitely an interim build so expect talents to shift around again and get added.

    The 1 hand spec confuses me. whats listed in the notes and what is in the tree are completely different.

    notes: One-Handed Weapon Specialization (Tier 6) now increases damage you deal with one handed weapons by 2/4/6/8/10%.

    *edit, got changed while i was posting*

    I did like that the old one was a flat increase across the board however i suppose the new one has a knock on effect to hotr

    Hope it is. First impressions on playing my ret is that the new build does less damage. Our seals/judgements look nerfed and vengeance is now 3 stacks to get 9% rather than 2 to get 10 (so does less and takes longer). Divine storm may have been reduced a bit too. Hammer of wrath still does half of what tooltip says. Fair enough crits are up (tho it doesnt seem as noticeable playing it) and crusade is buffed but i just dont know if its enough or indeed an overall increase.
    . So i hope this was a talent shuffle rather than our '2nd pass'
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    Re: Paladin Changes

    there's a certain spot in the prot tree that forces you to take 3 points in reckoning to continue to next tiers,
    the only other talents besides reckoning are pvp ones,
    not liking it much, but I suppose alot of things were fixed so it's not bad.

    also, at lvl 70 in 3.0 it's gonna be hard to choose between benediction+improved judgements over high tier prot talents.

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    Re: Paladin Changes

    The prot tree has a huge hole in it at the moment, as someone else said, there is no 11 pointer.

    mscstu, sadly i think "vengeance is now 3 stacks to get 9%" is staying like that. They wanted it up to 3 stacks as 2 wasn't really a stack but liked the 10% mark

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    Re: Paladin Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuronv
    ... there is no 11 pointer.

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    Re: Paladin Changes


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    Re: Paladin Changes

    Personally I really want to see something like Spell Break.

    Spell Break
    6% of Base Mana
    10 second cooldown
    Instantly attacks the target causing 50% weapon damage and reducing the effectiveness of the targets next two spells cast by 50%.
    Holy crap! Is that a way to combat casters while being original?! No way!

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