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    Shadow Priest Changes....

    Yeah this is qq...but what else is the internet for? (Porn aside....)

    The loss of the snare removal from improved Shadowform, dispersion nerf, and shadow resilience nerf all make me a sad panda

    I was looking forward to some improved PvP viability from imp shadowform and dispersion...hopefully this makes sense when balanced against what other classes can dish out.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    I'm a bit disappointed about the change to dispersion... perhaps it played out to be too powerful, I don't really trust the people trying to tell me that it's not a worth 51 point talent unless they were on beta and experienced it being no good. 90% damage reduction sounded very nice to me, so I only hope that 60% is going to be enough to provide some PvP survivability.

    I too disagree with their change to Fade, I'm not sure what the reasoning was there... melee classes have plenty of ways to snare ranged dps and I think it only fair to give the casters some tools to get around it. As it stands if a rogue puts on crippling poison I have to trinket it and he can simply reapply it. I guess imp AoE fear should help us build a bit of distance but I think 1 snare removal ability wasn't too much to ask for.

    Not sure about the logic behind changing shadow resilience back to it's current incarnation. I prefered the physical damage reduction as physical dps are more of a threat in PvP. I don't believe any spriest takes shadow resilience now so why are they going to in WotLK?

    I'm not gonna jump up and down about imp spirit tap, with the huge amounts of spirit being itemised on gear I can generally see that perhaps the talent was a bit generous for a 1st tier... I still expect to get a decent amount of extra mana from the talent, particularly combined with Meditation.

    Don't agree with the Misery change back to just a flat 3% raid wide buff... i don't see a decent application for this buff in true end game raiding. If the extra damage mechanic that was removed was too generous i'd prefer to see that nerfed but kept... if that isn't an option i'd like to see another ability packaged with Misery to make it worthwhile otherwise i'll look to spend 3 points elsewhere. Keep in mind that misery affects spell hit only and the druid version affects all hit... misery needs something extra to put it on an even keel.

    Twisted Faith is a bit interesting... will this give us the ability to shift out of shadowform and throw heals at a half decent rate? With the spellpower change I think it may be alot more vialbe than ever to throw offheals at a reasonable level. I can only assume that our dps was a lot higher than intended and now we have an added ability to throw some stronger heals.

    In any case i'll be interested to hear the reasoning and thoughts about the changes.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    I was pissed with the warlock unnecessary changes, then I saw the Spriests changes and I kinda melted inside. The only hope that this spec has has been totally demolished. So, Fade is once again USELESS? It kinda reminds of the lock's SE and DE being useless and they got better then back to useless again. Were they high when they were passing nerf bats?

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    or were they high when they first created the new 51pt and now that they are sober, they wiped the changes clean?

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    I left my prot warrior in the middle of my TBC experience to level a priest for healing. After discovering the awesomeness of a Shadow priest, I remained Shadow. Now I'm hoping that the changes are not final and that other classes will get balanced around like this. Otherwise it's going back to my warrior.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    My problem is, even if these changes are justified (part of them, reducing our scalability with spelldmg, is justified imo), many of them are hard to understand (dispersion nerf? huh? backlash dmg reduction from SWD was too good? it didn't even go live)

    And what disturbs me most is, devs DON'T EVEN BOTHER EXPLAINING TO US, why, on earth do they do, what they do to our class. Why can palading class designer explain why some changes are needed and in which direction they go? Why can warrior class designer explain it?

    I still remember Koraas ridiculous comment on why inner fire still has charges. "I already explained it previously". I don't think our class has a chance, unless we get a new class designer.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    with the changes to dispersion its now basicly evocation,

    in 6 econds casting in WOLK i EXPECT atleast 12damage done by me, with imp VE thats 3k HP healed on me alone,

    on a 60% damage reduction (New dispersion) for dispersion to save me i need the damage i take to be more than 5k damage incoming.

    If this is a raid wide aoe damage everyone in my group will get this damage so my group will have suffered 25k while if i HADN'T disperesed I would have healed the group for 15k, leaving my healers to pick up MY slack

    In short, new build dispersion,

    Should be called, 'watch yourself die slightly slower button'

    I know it gives your team a chance to heal you, BUT a 51 point talents SHOULDNT rely on someone else to be usefull

    Two uses,
    1) evocation for 36%mana
    2) a damage reduction ability for single target atts from a boss that deals more than 5k damage to you. (if its an aoe ability you save healers by dpsing through it with VE up)

    Other than them its a pretty useless talent, shame really.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    I would add, that it does not work for Mindflay as it seems, so it wonßt work for the enchant neither!

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    The main thing that makes me angry with the changes this round is that all of our new talents have had the interesting bits taken out of them. The only one left that I see as useful PvP wise in the deep Shadow Tree is Psychic Horror.

    When I sat down to try to rebuild a deep Shadow PvP spec it felt kind of pointless. With the dispersion nerf, there doesn't seem much point in putting more than 43 or 46 points in it. Honestly, it seems much more worthwhile to hybridize and put the extra points in holy/disc where you get more utility out of them.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    What's funny is that if you consider the previous build, shadow priests were barely viable.

    Now they have been nerfed from what was barely viable. The math isn't hard to do. Most of my friends are cancelling and I think I'm done with the game as well. Been shadow since launch and coupled with the utter retardation that the only designer who is speaking up about WOTLK priests, the game is hardly balanced and still caters to rogue/warrior/warlock/druid all four of which have gotten sizable buffs and interesting tweaks.

    No thanks, this is beyond ridiculous at this point.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    Simply shocking. I was expecting Mind Flay being added to Shadow Power, since they said it's gonna crit and the replacement of Imp Inner Fire with Absolution made me go ;D

    But this, all I see is less damage, Shadow Resilience is nonsense, less spirit=less spell power/mp5...

    Twisted Faith pointless change that would come in handy for PvP, would also increase "emergency" healing but the number of DoT effect is good against only a couple of classes, since most can dispel the DoTs with ease, besides there are at least 2+ enemies in any ranked pvp encounter.

    Veiled Shadows, great use of so many many available talent points in shadow tree, we are now forced to spend 2 talents in this mess because of CD reduction of Shadowfiend, which could be simply solved by a glyph. Also the not removing snare effects part from Imp. Shadowform is wonderful, just wonderful.

    I really, I seriously do not know what developers are thinking. Are u lying? I'm not kidding with this question:

    Posts from a few days ago

    1) Shadow Power changes
    Still some work to do. We're going to be changing Shadow Power to 100% bonus crit damage to be consistent with other classes, also doing some other tweaks. We have a bit more work to do with all classes DPS numbers.

    2) We'll be increasing Mind Flay's coefficient (base) by roughly 30% to start, and allow Mind Flay to crit. We may also do some tuneups to the Shadow tree as well, but as other players have mentioned the tree is really not the problem, just the base spells not scaling.

    Hopefully we can get the new Mind Flay in the next build, but allowing it to crit involves rebuilding the spell completely, which may take some time.

    (Perhaps you should have spent this time redesigning Mind Flay and not on talent changes).

    I'm sorry for this post being so offensive, but you really went and changed almost everything that started to look good for shadow priests. Previous talents were just good enough for one 100% raid spot in 25mans, now I'm seeing either another talent tree (which are also beautiful, just beautiful) or selling the acc.

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    And who would want to buy the accoount ?^^

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic018
    And who would want to buy the accoount ?^^

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    Re: Shadow Priest Changes....

    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic018
    And who would want to buy the accoount ?^^
    no one, even ebays aint that silly:-P

    but seriously, this is a bad sign but its not the end, lets give them time, beta is still FAR from finished so a lot can and will change again.

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