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    Undocumented changes still not posted.


    Totem of Wrath: New Ranks added. Rank 4 gives 280 SP.

    Please add other changes I may have missed so we can keep a list until they're recognized and posted by MMO.

    edited: other changes are posted on main page of MMO.

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    Re: Undocumented changes in elemental/enhance.

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    Re: Undocumented changes in elemental/enhance.

    In before the trolls come in calling this a QQ post.

    Seriously....it's wierd in how Blizzard doesn't THINK before they nerf. They just call it "Beta" instead of "Nerf".

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    Re: Undocumented changes in elemental/enhance.

    they call it "beta" for a reason, so they can test, which nerfs will be best for shaman and then implement them

    i dunno, why would they nerfed something with, what GC said "we were looking at talents and nerfed ones, which seemd too powerfull" they should atleast wait till shaman polish (if there is one comming, i have my doubts after this) and they justify it somehow, also there are plain weak talents in trees, which doesnt fit their idea of normalizing similar talents, not to mention total bloat of 5/5 talents in all trees (elemental 7, 6 mandatory, enha 6, 4 mandatory, 5 for pvp, resto 8, and atleast 7 of them mandatory) which are most of the time weaker to their counterparts or deeper in the tree or both

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    Re: Undocumented changes still not posted.

    To be honest, i personally have the feel that they're doing to many comparisons with the talent trees to other talent trees, too many "samey" abilities, too many people complaining about their class getting nerfed.

    I went to at least 5 other classes topics about nerfs, and they mostly said shaman never received nerfs. The druids are said that they're berserk doesn't make them immune to every cc on the face of the earth.

    Think about that. I know its not about 1 v 1, but a hunter druid in arena or bg or world pvp? even raids. can you say "wtf happened? i didn't see them do anything but press one button." Hunter and pet becomes immune to any effect that makes them lose control of their character, and berserk was like that before the nerf.

    I mean, i feel that thunderstorm should have a 10 yard knockback at least/most, because from another players viewpoint like WTF 20 yard knockback, followed by Grounding totem for protection, imp fire nova catches them when properly placed, they get stunned, you still have hex up and earth shock, so its nice i guess. With imp ghost wolf its livable. With alot of armor and great shield, you can kill a couple good rogues with it. :P

    but there's alot of things classes get nowadays to stop those abilities from working properly. ive seen an improved fire nova totem placed so well at 70, but still gets hit before the 2 seconds are up. a hunter always shoots it, or a rogue throws something at it.

    For raiding, i dont want to spam lightning bolts all day. i really don't.

    I see how these talent trees COULD work, but its just that they don't with our mechanics.

    To be honest? Windfury should be a talent. Bloodlust should be a talent. our coefficients should be averagely accurate to other classes spellcasts, granted its a 2 second cast lightning bolt/1.5 CL.

    Hex has such a long cooldown, and is our only real cc, unless specced for imp fire nova. and even TS does have a tiny knockback, stopping casters within a radius to stop casting on you.

    I like mental dexterity alot, i like the strength 1 agi 1 stats too, i just dislike how broken our damage output and efficiency to other classes are now. :P

    I dont think the developers purposely makes it seem like they hate us, i just think they want to keep the totem mechanic without tossing the class away. There's ALOT of issues with this class, and i can understand how hard it is to keep updates up while they work on everything else for wrath.
    Do not underestimate us.

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