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    Are We Having Fun Yet?

    I don't read a lot of the other forums but I would imagine that they are for the most part like the shaman forum, which for the most part is a long list of complaints and others dismissing the complainers.

    One thing I don't see here is whether anyone is having FUN. In the context of gaming, is playing a shaman FUN? Is it engaging enough to keep you playing the class and WOW itself?

    For me, it just isn't FUN any more.

    It isn't fun because I hate not being able to even GET on an arena team. Not because of any skill I may or may not have, but because very few want an enhancement shaman on their arena team. I suppose there are players out there with mongoose-like reflexes that can compensate for all the things we have to compensate for as a class, but it sure isn't fun NOT having those sorts of reflexes.

    It isn't fun because the effort necessary in a raid to perform at 80% of other classes is ridiculous. Again, that may be a function of personal skills and I'm sure there are swaggerin' shammies out there that will boast of their amazing feats of topping DPS meters, but for the most part we're considered an "accessory" and kept around to pop an ankh to save time on the dead walk and to blow our Bloodlust to finish off a boss. Did you ever get the feeling if Bloodlust could be written on a scroll that you'd never get a raid invite again?

    It isn't fun in the battlegrounds to be helplessly rooted, cycloned, stun locked, novaed, etc., JUST when we get within range of DOING anything. It isn't fun when you can SEE the opposition recognize your class and go out of their way for an easy HK. So you resort to being a half-assed healer and watching the action from the sidelines until you're out of a mana.

    Switching to my tank is fun. Can't raid without a tank or two, right? Even the battlegrounds are fun because while my tank can't do much damage, he sure is a tough kill! My mage is a hoot in the battlegrounds, especially the irony of seeking out shaman for an easy gank.

    Before you dismiss this post or flame it, let me ask you, are you frustrated playing a shaman now, or are you still having fun?

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    Re: Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by Escatonic
    Before you dismiss this post or flame it, let me ask you, are you frustrated playing a shaman now, or are you still having fun?
    I am frustrated by both holy paladin and ele shaman in 2v2. Neither of them can do almost anything due to constant CC/silence/interrupt. Only that holy paladins actually have atleast SMALL chance against rogues whereas ele shaman has no hope at all. Both are fun outside pvp..but since WoW seems to be focusing more and more on pvp.. I just don't wanna roll one of the classes that everyone knows are OP. I like playing ele shaman and holy paladin. I just hate that neither are arena viable.
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    Re: Are We Having Fun Yet?

    Having a blast. Love the class and all the choices.
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