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    Re: Updated Pve shadow build

    in the current build misery is broken, 1,2and3 points all add 3% hit, so 2 wasted points as things stand.

    who knows what they'll do to it, maybe 1% per point in which case we need to spend 6 talent points for 6% hit and 6% spell cost reduction,

    if its changed to 3% per point we get 12% hit, which means we only need 5% from gear, which is 164 hit rating, which aint a lot(2pieces of 10man naxx t7 has 79hit) with 60 on a staff you only need one more bit of +hit to cap. then its the same old +Dam +dam +dam since spirit has just been nurfed,

    1 spirit now equals 0.10spell or 0.11 after a crit MB or SWD... which is poo, especially since you can just spec for an improved shadow fiend and dispersion and get 2 mana abilities every 3 mins (now that dispersion is just an evocation).

    I cant see the mana regen element of spirit being usefull now (maybe in naxx while you've got low INT) as 4int = 60mana = 1.5mp5 from VT and an extra 21.6 mana from dispersion (which is equivilent to 0.6mp5 steady) so 4 int = 2.1mp5 and 1 int = 0.525mp5

    Normal Spirit regain is calculated using the formula (well it is in live anyway)
    Mana Regen = 5 * sqrt(Int) * Spirit * Base_Regen

    base_regen lowers as you lv, at 70 it is 0.009327 so lets assume that its the same at 80(it wont it will be lower) and a 15k mana pool, which is about 844 int (a lot i know, but i want to really test spirit)

    mana regen = is 5* Sqrt(844)*0.009327*spirit = 1.35*spirit mp5 while not in the 5 second rule(WHICH YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE IN), so, meditation is 30% and imp spirit tap is now 10%increase in spirit and 20% regain

    30% of 1.35*spirit = so 1 spirit = 0.405 mp5
    after a crit
    50% of 1.35*spirit*1.1 = so 1 spirit = 0.7425

    as we cant crit that often due to colldown my guess is that the actual figure will be inbetween the two

    compaire that to int = 0.525 mp5

    So spirit is no better than int for a SP to regain mana,

    spirit has got the 0.1 spell damage, so 80 spirit is 8 spell damage, but 80 int is about 1% extra crit chance, which is better than 8 spell imo.

    anyhow, i started this post as a small one and theory crafted my way to this massive one

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