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    Disc PvP question

    Ok so I was typing this big long thing and decided to just make it short.

    How is the disc priest looking in comparison to the resto druid at this point?

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    Re: Disc PvP question

    In a word: Shocking.

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    Re: Disc PvP question

    As far as I'm seeing, we'll probably keep up with them in the mana war. Disc's mana retainment thru Rapture from vids I've seen is just astonishing.

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    Re: Disc PvP question

    that's good to hear.

    all i see are posts about shadow priests complaining. I've seen maybe 1 thing about disc priests that contains current information. Same goes on the druid section. Everybody is just complaining about the dps.


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    Re: Disc PvP question

    My priest = heelbot 4 lyfe!

    If I want deepz I paly my retnoob or rouge, and tank on my warrior ^_^.

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