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    Improved Ret Aura

    I've always been a fan of AoE tanking, and as such I've always had Improved Ret Aura in my spec. Now though, with Improved Ret Aura being so much deeper into the Ret tree, I'm struggling to fit it in.

    Any ideas? Reckon it'll be moved back to where it was later in beta?

    Loving the extra DPS talents for AoE, but 50% less damage to Ret Aura bugs me :P
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    Re: Improved Ret Aura

    Sadly in this case I'd just bring a ret pally to my grps

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    Re: Improved Ret Aura

    imp ret aura was a waste of talent points for all of TBC since it didn't scale.

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    Re: Improved Ret Aura

    As Ret Aura Scales now Imp Ret Aura has become that much more powerful so i expect it will stay where it currently is.

    Bare in mind we can also use HotR and the new instacast AS in combat to mix up the AOE tanking a little bit

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    Re: Improved Ret Aura

    If you want the aura just ask a Retpaly to join you

    btw Retpaly will make it easier for all classes to AoE tank
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