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    11 Point Holy Talent: Time For Change?

    The Problem: Aura Mastery
    Despite the butchering of Kings, Blizzard’s taking a look at the 11 point Protection talent (and the direction they said they wanted to go with it – something more active) gives me hope that Aura Mastery might get another look. While I understand why the talent exists (previously the only way to get the effect was with the two-piece Judgment set), and I agree that we need auras at 40 yards in some situations, it just feels like a letdown in the 11 point talent spot. While most of a Paladin’s career is pulled back from the action, the last 10 yards don’t become critical until raiding or high-end PvP, making Aura Mastery useless an overwhelmingly amount of the time.

    The Solution:
    Make auras 40 yards baseline. It would handy for Holy Paladins, of course, as well as Protection and Retribution Paladins who are specing into improved auras – they should be able to share with the folks in the back as well. Replace Aura Mastery with … to be honest, I don’t know. What are your ideas?
    The answer is always more Paladins.
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    Re: 11 Point Holy Talent: Time For Change?

    I would agree, they did the same thing with Shaman and their totem range

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