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    New WOTLK beta video

    Hi guys

    Please find link to my latest WOTLK video.


    All clips taken on 11th september. This is an update on my previous WOTLK retribution paladin movie following 5 or 6 weeks of patches. Have we been nerfed ? Watch to find out !!!



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    Re: New WOTLK beta video

    Haha <3 BOB

    Thanks for the video. Nice to see how it has been changing

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    Re: New WOTLK beta video

    Slick video!! I can't wait to get in there and own face myself. Even with you keeping concecrate going you seemed to have mana to spare. That's going to really help dps.

    Im wondering why you didn't utilize instant flash heals more. I would have loved to see how often art of war was up.
    WTB Spell/Grammer check?

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