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    Improved Health Funnel Idea

    So Improved Health Funnel is a pretty lacklustre talent, as far as I can tell. It's been like this for a long, long, LONG time. Another problem is pet mana regeneration. Demonology Warlocks don't have to worry about this so much by taking Mana Feed (even only 2 ranks of it will see the job done nicely). However, Dark Pact-ing Affliction Warlocks will possibly face concerns regarding their Felhunter running out of mana for a crucial Spell Lock or Devour Magic, while over in Destruction Improved Soul Leech may not be returning enough mana to our Imp to fuel the little guys' arsonist tendencies. The inclusion of the Health Funnel Glyph further adds that Blizzard don't want Health Funnel to be interrupted. So, let's give it a little use-

    Improved Health Funnel:
    Your health funnel also restores 50/100% of the health granted to your pet as mana.

    Granted, this takes a bit of skill out of using pets. You could just as easily let the Imp stop nuking and regenerate some mana (Empowered Imp builds being weakened by this pause in DPS slightly, and Affliction losing some DPS from the loss of Shadow Bite), but it'd at least be a start to solving mana issues for pets (if there are any) for Warlocks that don't have access to the godly Mana Feed.

    Suggestions/feedback guys and girls?


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    Re: Improved Health Funnel Idea

    I'm still downloading the patches (and downloading and downloading and downloading) for the beta client, but my understanding is that the Shadow Bite talent in the Affliction tree takes care of this pretty well. 200% of the damage the Felpup does is returned to it in mana. Was I mistaken?
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    Re: Improved Health Funnel Idea

    It looks like bevore, in the time you refresh your pet. You can cast dmg or cc spells on your enemys and I think this will be everytime the best way to go. Only in pvp it can have a little little little use. But not really interesting. Never.
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    Re: Improved Health Funnel Idea

    The easiest way to solve virtually every warlock's pet's mana problems would be to modify Improved Life Tap into a variant of Mana Feed. It'll ease a pet's mana problems, but so much to make them go away.

    As it stands for me, 1 pt Mana Feed is all I ever need. I've never had a pet run out of mana. Then again, I life tap like a fiend. Sometimes to my own detriment...

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