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    Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    Can anyone give hints or personal ideals what the new lock pvp spec should be? I just recently got a beta key and im going to try things out but i want other peoples ideals and comments!


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    Re: Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    of course too early to say, but with current talents i would go with something like this:


    as much as an SL/SL variant is more likely, the changes to demon form just make it too good to miss imo, i will probably spec something around that.

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    Re: Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    Thats seems pretty effective, i am currently trying out a Destro spec to see how that pans out, but Meta demo will be my next spec im going to try out

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    Re: Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    I got my key today and after the downloads all done,

    I will try meta demo and hybrid demo30/destro41
    My english is not the best, so if you want to correct my entry. Please send me a personal massage

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    Re: Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    deep affli with SL with 12 points in demo looks very good as well atm, but im defo gonna try out destro caus that looks like soooo much fun

    affli: http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?talent=IbxMrtrGkVAR0stbxczo
    (left 3 points out as im still unsure about them, also the 2 points in imp. CoA would be moved if partnered with an sp and put in malediction)

    destro: http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?talent=IZbxczoZVfoqrMtAsAcot
    (posts about corruption being instant cast without talents so left out putting points in affli tree)
    s4 gladiator - 2v2(lock/dodo) and 3v3(shadowplay)
    s5 gladiator - 2v2 (disc/rogue) and 3v3(rmp)
    s6 gladiator - 2v2 (disc/hunter) INCOMING!!

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    Re: Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    I think I will be going deep affliction with SL and Master Summoner from demo.


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    Re: Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    Don't hope to keep your demon alive in arenas without the deeper Demonology talents.
    That being said, you won't cast a lot of bolts so the Destruction talents aren't really useful either. So I'd still go with Soul Link, especially since Demonic Aegis is great.
    It also seems that there's 0 spell hit on the 80 glad gear, so Suppression looks good.

    I'd go with this :

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    Re: Whats the new lock pvp spec?

    To sum up warlock PVP, in the same way Ret Paladins are stupidly OP because of buffs warlocks are stupidly UP because of nerfs.

    I've talked with many PVP testers and PVP locks and as of right now there are no PVP trees. Traditionally we use hybrid specs(because they resist making new talents any good).

    Its funny because I'm not being negative, its just the damn truth. You haven't seen any warlock PVP videos and you won't see any warlock PVP videos coming out of beta. In fact warlocks are getting way more nerfs than they realize when 3.0 hits and I'm a little curious to see what the backlash be.

    You guys saw how pissed people got when they tried to nerf Lifetap...well they did that in beta and at 80 we're using the same PVP gear as mages.

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