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    Well...Clearly its not going to happen, but I was really really really hoping, we would see a new pet. I guess having a pet isnt really part of being a lock ...or something...I comment blizz on there attempts to "balance" classes. But the bottom line is some classes will and should be better at some things than other classes. Theres supposed to be different classes with weaknesses n strengths. Where are we going with this? will we log in and instead of a character class selection , it will just say"make a character?"

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    I don't get it, your mad that blizzard is making it so we can play the class we enjoy rather than the class we NEED to play? Kinda silly

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    Why implement a new pet when the current ones are weak?

    What makes you think certain classes will have or won't have any weaknesses?

    What's the point in a certain spec, when another spec outclasses it and makes it undesireable?

    classes still have certain strengths and weaknesses..

    rogues will still have an edge over warlocks
    warlocks will still have an edge over mages
    mages will still have an edge over warrior
    warriors will still have an edge over rogues
    rogues will still have an edge over priests
    priests will still have an edge over paladins
    paladins will (probably) have an edge over death knights
    death knights will (probably) have an edge over druids(HoT removal)
    druids will probably have an edge over melee classes
    melee classes will still have a slight edge over hunters
    hunters will still have have an edge over casters

    that's only in 1on1
    classes will be balanced to deal with other class' weakness
    because in this game, team PvP is more important that 1on1 PvP

    still, in 1on1 all these rock/paper/scissors situations will be toned down as well

    so that a mage can still defeat a warlock or a warlock can beat a rogue, without falling prey to them without being able to properly defend themselves

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    /wave /agree Raptorg

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