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    LvL 70 Specc with new talent Trees

    I´m a little bit unsteady about my specc, when the next big patch goes live.

    I´m searching for a shadow specc, but i think, that i have to leave some talents in disc tree or in shadow tree, but i´m noit sure, which one is better...

    That one would be my first try, to make a good raiding specc:


    Any other ideas?

    greetz Neram

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    Re: LvL 70 Specc with new talent Trees

    no threat reduction, no meditation (yes this was told a shadowpriest can dump meditation on lvl 80, yet i'm not sure how your mana will be on lvl 70 raid, you should check it out before throwing your regen talent away).

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    Re: LvL 70 Specc with new talent Trees

    I'm geared T6 + Sunwell, that changes things a bit.

    Next 2 points filling out Meditation; if I was in anything less than I am now I'd take that from the start. After that, maxing the replacement for Shadow Resilience, then Dispersion, Mind Blast, and Inner Focus.

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    Re: LvL 70 Specc with new talent Trees

    Depends fully if they get fixed talents to be WORTH anything, but for 70 it might go like this for now:


    If they get fixed I'd go disc.
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    Re: LvL 70 Specc with new talent Trees

    My guild is currently 4/6 SWP and TBH i'm a bit annoyed that 3.0 is comming out in the near future. IMO the lvl 80 talent trees will result in unbalanced PvE game play and the SWP encounters were never created with lvl 80 talents in mind.

    I think some classes will most probably benefit but I see shadow priests possibly getting shafted in terms of mana effeciency. The VT change means that mana return isn't linked to damage, as a result spriests are going to have to output a lot more DPS to assist the raid and the only way that can do that at level 70 is to forgo what I believe are mandatory mana regen talents in the disc tree, namely Meditation. If you do take Meditation you limit yourself with the high end DPS talents in the Shadow tree.

    After some thought this is the spec that i'm likely to try first and evaluate how it goes from there.


    Keep in mind that the current talent calcuator build isn't up to date with intended changes. If some of the talents i've chosen looks odd or stupid, please consult http://blue.mmo-champion.com/6/96796...t-changes.html as I've made the assumption these will be included.

    I really dislike not having Meditation and Inner Focus but my logic told me that i'm getting another 6% spell cost reduction and i'll utilise 3/3 Focused Mind (currently 0/3 because mana isn't an issue)... so my mana burn is going to be less than it is now. In addition I'll have my fiend on a CD that can be utilised twice in all SWP encounters, and Dispersion. Hopefully these utilities will make up for a lack of Meditation & Inner Focus.

    I've also decided that with the changes to spell pushback that imp SF to a large extent is a bit redundant for PvE. In particular I don't see how this talent is going to help us with MF... whether I lose 0.5 seconds (full loss to spell pushback duration) or a reduced amount, i'm still not going to get the 3rd tick on MF. Pushback related to VT is a very minor dps loss and considering MB is only cast at best every 5.5 sec... I just don't see pushback being a problem. If I end up doing content with vast amounts of push back i'd probably spec it just for that content and switch back when i'm not involved in those specific encounters... ROS in BT is an example where it would be useful I think.

    Lastly... i'm not all that happy not to max out shadow affinity, however reports at this stage suggest that tank threat with the changes is a lot higher. I'll get 30% threat reduction from SF and less threat generation with the new VT mechanic. Although my DPS will increase my thoughts are that I can probably live without 1 point and see how it goes.

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