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    Re: Whats so special about Ret?

    People just arn't used to seeing ret pallies actually roflstomp someone so they want nerfs but really everyone is op and it will work out in the end.

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    Re: Whats so special about Ret?

    Quote Originally Posted by PaladinBash
    Here I was assuming that the majority of high-ranked teams in Arena rely on co-ordinated movements and cc chains to win their battles...y'know, with kiting, dispelling, sheeping, fearing or whatever else to separate themselves from a threat. Ret paladins are now a bigger threat than before and most bad people are scared that they don't have advantages over them instantly.

    The kiting problem has not been fixed. The interrupt problem has not been fixed. The singular strength a ret paladin has and which he must focus on is insane and inescapable burst. If you avoid it through kiting, LoS, shielding or whatever else then you are fighting it properly. If you counter that "they could have someone purge the shield or MS me while they are bursting on me...and I would surely die", then you're thinking about fighting a team. Y' you do in arenas. Keep their partner CC'd and kite them into oblivion. Hide behind some pillars. Wear them down slowly or burst them yourself. Make them blow that bubble and run away. They can BoF? Dispel it. Shield? MD it or keep running. They stun you? Dispel that. If you've got a team, that is what your team is for. Keeping you alive and helping to kill them.

    Oh sure...they'll beat your arse for a bit until you figure out what works against them. Rogues do that. Druids do that. Warriors do that...and so on. Ret has been buffed to the point where good people (but not amazing people) can be successful with them. That doesn't make them broken or overpowered, it makes things fair. You should not have to be one of the best people in the game at PVP to succeed with a ret paladin. You should just be competant and have a team that listens.

    What's so special about ret? Crazy burst damage. Effective self-heals. Nice range of buffs and plenty of options. It's a fun and interesting class now. There's been bubbles before...BoF...PoJ...stuns. There's also been the ability to heal yourself. Nobody complained about it before because all those things are already countered or did not work at all and now suddenly do. Learn to counter it and you will win. Sit there complaining and begging for a nerf and you are never going to win at anything. You'll still be a bad player and then it's going to be rogues or druids or warriors that beat your arse and you'll start flaming their boards with cries for nerfs. Y' trolls do on live now

    Problem with most of your tactics are that a retri paladin can heal really really well now and they get thei mana back real easy. So dpsing them down slowly wont work as well. And it doesn't seem liek anyone can stay toe to toe with them at all anymore. Rogues stun them only to die withing seconds after the stuns wear out. mages burst on the paladin but the pala heals and does minimum damage until the mage has blown his cd and then beats the shit of of the mage when th4e time is right. Their heals are just too powerful and can keep them up for so long and their judgements will make then not run out of mana.

    There is a problem with them as it is atm since they beat all classes rather easily. But no i do not wish to see them defenceless at all but some down tuning has to be done.

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    Re: Whats so special about Ret?

    its totaly OP!!!!

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