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    Ret pally stats?

    Hi, I joined today finally after having read the posts on this site for at least 7 months. Nice to meet you all!

    Anyways I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how much hit and cit rating is needed for a lvl 80 ret pally currently on beta? That is after taking into account the base stats and talents. I've been looking around lately as I'm looking to take my pally ret in the xpac and I hope to get some positive feed back. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my post.


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    Re: Ret pally stats?

    It's 288 hit rating to cap, dunno about crit tho^^

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    Re: Ret pally stats?

    Thnx for the feedback Vorpal; it's much appreciated. From what I understand from asking around more, the goal for crit on a lvl 80 ret pally is somewhere around 30-33% including talents for PVE content. Hopefully I can get a comfimation on this though.


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    Re: Ret pally stats?

    If its anything like live, I've previously been around 31%, with changing some gems boosted it to 33.5% and noticing a huge damage upgrade.

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