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    Re: new dispersion... eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by UnholyBlight
    Still not really convinced on it honestly.

    It's not a "bad" talent now, but I still think it is rather weak for a 51 point talent.

    I wish they would either give us another dot, nuke, or even a spell like "consumes any DOT's on the target, for 30 percent of their total damage" (percents and cool down obviously need tweaking.
    You do get another dot in Devouring Plauge. Now I don't know your race and going by your name you are an undead so well, you don't actually get a new spell... but the cooldown is lowered to 30s (but the talent calculator say 24s, which is the correct value?). It will be used all the time.

    But I agree, a DoT-bomb could be a cool. Especially now when we have 3 dots that can tick simultaneously.

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    Re: new dispersion... eh?

    not to forget that dispersion will trigger the 5 sec rule which will regen mana too...and spirit ist increasing like hell with the xpac
    so i suppose manaregen with dispersion might be around 40% or more if you got the incast regen from the disc tree...

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    Re: new dispersion... eh?

    I really like the new change, I wasn't unhappy with it before, I still feel the ability to reduce damage by 90% for 6 seconds is rather useful... yes even in PvE.

    Although I agree it probably needed a buff like the one it received and it's starting to look like a very tasty talent imo.

    My only criticism with it is the 25% extra spell damage buff for 1min is rather convoluted. You only get the extra damage if you do not suffer any harmful attacks or spells... I kinda feel this condition is better off being removed.

    I think it's obviously a condition with PvP in mind, however if the spriest doesn't attack or cast spells for 6 seconds a damage buff after that time is probably warranted isnt it? IDK, I just think it's a bad idea to start creating talents that have conditions like "if this occurs in this exact way then this will happen otherwise you need to run around in a circle 5 times and jump twice to get this to occur.... "

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    Re: new dispersion... eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Merin
    Resto Druid's nerfed to hell and back.

    Happy happy!

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    Re: new dispersion... eh?

    Just doing some very simple modelling to calculate the effect of the 25% damage increase in dispersion, I came up with the following damage increases as they relate to time in combat.

    1min 25%
    2mins 12.5%
    3mins 8.33%
    4mins 9.76%
    5mins 7.84%
    6mins 6.56%
    7mins 7.64%
    8mins 6.71%
    9mins 5.98%
    10mins 4.5%

    There are a couple of assumptions for these figures.
    1. DPS is static, ie you consistently do X dps every second with no peaks & troughs, this obviously won't be the case.
    2. You start with Dispersion on CD and the 25% damage buff
    3. You aren't hit with any harmful spell or ability and hence get the 25% damage buff every 3min CD

    There are some factors which will increase the damage buff.
    1. The ability to cast SW:P while under the effects of 25% more spell damage and able to refresh it's duration without the buff.
    2. Timing trinkets that give temp spell damage buffs to coincide with the 25% damage buff
    3. Dots ticking during the 6 seconds of silence when dispersion is activated
    4. How quickly you stack shadowweaving and how shadowweaving relates to DoT mechanics now it's a self buff

    I think a trend of 5 to 7% for most encounters is likely which really isn't bad for 1 talent point. Be interested to see some more advanced models, im sure they'll be some on EJ's at some point.

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