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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    A slight introduction to talent synergy and the removal of a broken mechanic?

    Awesome change.

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    makes no difference to me, I am pretty much am out and out pve and you cant stun bosses.
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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    This has given SoC back its niche, but its probably fair to say now if you are purely specing ret for PvE you can save yourself a point and just use Seal of Blood/Tomato

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    well i was expecting this change couse it can stop some of the QQ of many other guys whining 4 nerfbat but this was a request by beta testers 2. Why? couse during the feedback 4 paladins before the 2nd big pass i saw about more than 10 posts in the beta forums saying SoC should be changed 2 100% crit change on stunned targets couse damage was way 2 unbalanced with the new judgement dmg ... So i have 2 admit .... BLIZZ IS LISTENING ;D

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    So i have 2 admit .... BLIZZ IS LISTENING
    Or their thoughts were already weeks ahead, and just happened to correspond to what some schmuck posted. I doubt their design team is waiting on us to give them idea's to work with. If they aren't brainstorming their own concepts, then they're failing.
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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    I would be surprised if Blizzard had time to read these forums when they have their own too

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    It's been like this for over a build. Just another tooltip update.

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Nuronv
    This has given SoC back its niche, but its probably fair to say now if you are purely specing ret for PvE you can save yourself a point and just use Seal of Blood/Tomato
    I would imagine most ret would still use SoC. Yes while farming we can even use blood now since we have an instant heal, but PVE specced Ret will have to deal with 2 things
    1 annoying other faction guy.. SoC is still better....
    2 boss fight mechanics that might appear to be similar to Prince Fight! I remember when my guild first fought prince back in the day almost 2 years ago... forgot about the "reduces your health to 1" ability and when i was running away from it, my character took a swing and killed myself! OPPS!
    At Least SoB doesnt deal durabilty!

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    To those hoping to save a talent point avoiding SoCasino, in the PTR I have done some preliminary DPS checking on target dummies (not entirely conclusive I know, but they are Boss lvl targets) and as far as I can see Seal of Command is, if not on par, but in excess of Blood/Martyr the proc rate is a good bit better and with the chance to proc and crit from yellow damage it gets even higher, but as is always the case with it the damage can be spiky and over the course of multiple tests varied wildly by up to 500dps.

    The Glyph that adds 20% proc chance to SoC might stabilise the damage alas I have no information on the age old debate of SoC and it's PPM nature. Not sure if it's really relevant here, or even if this post isn't just pointing out the obvious.

    More on topic however, I think the change to the judgement portion of SoC is a welcome change that adds an interesting twist on simply "doing more damage".


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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    Just imagine it in pvp. Those ppl having 470+ resilience would still suffer a certain critical hit which will:

    1) Instant flash of light.
    2) A very good damage.
    3) A vengeance stack which is hard to get in the arena.
    4) No way any of the above won't happen! ( Well not really but... ;D)

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    This change was a nerf inded, but not a big one. 100% crit is also very nice and predictable damage, so will make our lifes easyer.

    I will do a macro

    /cast Judgement of Justice(wisdom or light)
    /cast Flash of Light

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Kawasaki.gdm
    I will do a macro

    /cast Judgement of Justice(wisdom or light)
    /cast Flash of Light
    You did know Judgements trigger GCD in Wrath of the Lich King right? So this macro will never work.

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    To tell you the truth there is no need to use a macro for two abilities with a glodal CD since you have enough time to mouse click the second while the GCD is up

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    I was just on the ptr, to test it all out.

    judgement of command was only hitting for 350-400 and when it crit was only from 900-1k

    is that accurate? did the overall damage of it get nerfed?

    forgive me if I am repeating others but im not sifting through all the pages to find out.

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    I think this is a positive step and if we stay quiet or whine about it enough we can count it as a nerf and the rest of the populace of WoW that aren't paladins might shut up about us being OP'd.

    Honestly though, I think that the synergy of the change will outeigh the 'nerf'.
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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    Not a nerf.

    Guaranteed vengeance proc = win.

    That is all.

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    this should stope some of the flamers in the ptr-forum and it makes socasino less casino ^^
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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    i dont really like this change.
    I liked the dubble damage (but i think 3.4k crit is OP on lvl 70)

    and judgements have allready like 50% chance to crit with tallents.

    if they buffed the judgement damage(if im right SoComm judgement < SoB) i would be happy

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    If it is unaffected by resilience, then it's a change I really welcome.

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    Re: [Discussion] SoC Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Retrogames
    Also very possible to keep SoComm around for when you use HoJ, just as a nice extra "F*&% You!"
    I see where you are going with this, but I am not sure that I can agree. Now that Judgments trigger GCD you would be dedicating 3 sec of cast time to the guaranteed crit when our normal judgment crit percent will be well above a 50% chance.

    Also, the mana involved is rather high. To do that sort of seal switching it will cost you 28% of base mana every time you do this, and take 4.5 sec to get back into normal chase and face. Maybe I'm a little slow, but I would rather concentrate on more direct to damage paths of winning in pvp.

    I still feel we have to many damage seals. I have said this on another post but for the sake of argument I will say it here.
    Instead of getting rid of command all together why not adjust the judgment system a bit.

    Judgment of Command(baseline)
    Intimidates the enemy by command unleashing the energy of a Seal spell to judge an enemy for 20 sec, preventing them from fleeing and limiting their movement speed.

    Improved Judgment of Command(teir 3 ret)
    In addition to its normal effect Judgment of Command increases judgment damage on the target by X holy damage, and all judgments on the target crit if the target is stunned.

    The idea is you still have the concept of command but you aren’t wasting an 11 point spot on something many lvl 80's won't use. Also, It will give paladins the option to have a selfish debuff. As it stands we are one of the few classes that have no personal debuffs. Choices are what make characters fun to play and this will add a new mechanic to the paladins arsenal.

    The small damage buff we would receive would be justified because in order to receive it we would be giving up our ability to regen mana or health through judgment. Also, the damage portion of the spell would be talented thus forcing us to spend points to receive it.

    I think most will agree that in comparison to JoW and JoL Justice is a little lackluster. This fixes that and makes that mechanic more fun and exciting.
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