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    VT Changes

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Vampiric Touch (Tier 9) now restores .25% of max mana when you deal damage with Mind Blast. (Previously worked with all shadow spells and was .5% of max mana)
    Okay.. this happends because it overscaled with level 80 gear. But looking at it today, with my Tier 6 level gearing, it means this:

    ~25 mana, each 5.5 seconds (with 5/5 Mind Blast).

    That's alot yeah... NOT.

    Anyone else thing this is a retarded change?

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    Re: VT Changes

    1) Every 5.5 seconds + Mind Blast cast time
    2) The replenishment buff lasts 15 seconds, I sure hope you cast Mind Blast more often than every 15 sec
    3) 0.5% of total mana was in most cases only a slight nerf when compared to VT on live, in fact for the majority of the raiding community who doesn't have spriests that can pump 1200+ dps it would be a buff. 0.25% is warranted.

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    Re: VT Changes

    It's 0.25% per second for 15 seconds, at your mana poll of 10k it's 125mp/5.

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    Re: VT Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by tymir
    2) The replenishment buff lasts 15 seconds, I sure hope you cast Mind Blast more often than every 15 sec
    It gives a buff now? What I experienced on the beta server was that I got 49 mana each time it ticked.

    As I read this change, it would ONLY regen mana when I used Mind Blast. Ie. ONE tick per MB.

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    Re: VT Changes

    This nerf surely swap the mana-reg-position to hunters......

    They should turne it into some % of the MB-damage dealed

    think about 7k MB crits shoud reg 125mp/5 at least,
    with 5.5 cd and 1.5 sec cast 125mp/5*6sec = 150 mana means roughly 2%
    of the MB-dmg go into Mana.

    make it 5% of MB-dmg turn into mana an i´m pleased whit it..

    but i´m not sure this could rearange situations.....

    in fact the mana-reg wie 0.5% don´t scale with dmg so who cares, okok maybe hast..
    i don´t understand the nerf.. sorry

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    Re: VT Changes

    Actually it's not a nerf, it's just me who misunderstood how replenishment works.

    It's to avoid being able to put up VT and SW:P on a target, and then dps something else while getting full regen.

    Also, 0.5% was to powerfull for level 80 gear, those testing Naxx reported about it barely being possible to go OOM.

    Only issue is that I'm unsure on the level 70 scale (I'll test later today, when Colderra isup).

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    Re: VT Changes

    ahh so the MB just trigger the reg of 0.25% Mana per sec. ??

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    Re: VT Changes

    As I see it, the MB triggers the replenishment effect, making you gain .25% mana/sec (so 125 mp5 based on a 10k mana pool).

    What I don't understand, is how the replenisment effect gets applied. It affects 10 people in the raid, and it lasts for 15 seconds? Then what happens after I MB for the second time? Will the same 10 people get the effect, and will it just refresh, or can it jump to others as well? And if it changes to someone else in the raid, then what will happen with the replenishment on the people who got it from the first MB?

    All-in-all, you won't need more then 2 mana batteries per raid, (assuming you have 5 warriors/rogues) because every raid member will have the replenisment effect on them at all times (assuming it doesn't stack). This could be bad news for shadow priest, survival hunters and ret paladins, as they will have to fight over two spots.

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    Re: VT Changes

    Gues you still regen more easyly mana tan on live servers if your habving crapy gear... just VT one target and MB it your good for next 9 secs after MB CD is gone then do it again.... More time to use Mindflay and less need to dot multiple targets whit VT as it prolly wont stack.

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    Re: VT Changes

    Multiple Targets.. PvE?

    *looks around*, what where?

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    Re: VT Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    Multiple Targets.. PvE?

    *looks around*, what where?

    Well idea was mostly that youd dot many whit VT and aoe then but well its all changed and i do apply my dots on multiple trashes on raids to max the healing and mana return ofc only targets thats tanked that is... Also do this on solo dotting many targets.

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    Re: VT Changes

    Yes, but when was trash ever important ? :P

    We got AoE for trash now (at level 80, but it's there!)

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