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    Short question regarding Rupture (Disc)

    How does it calculate the amount of mana awarded when you cast the corresponding spells? Can't believe it's 2.5% of max Mana each time you flashheal
    Anyone got some information on the exact calculation?
    Thx in advance.

    edit: And could someone outline for me the advantage of Penance over Flash Heal? It has to be channeled (2 seconds instead of 1.5 for Flash Heal), does some more healing (prolly justifying the longer cast time) and... what? Where's the reason to skill it? edit2: oh and it cannot be cast on yourself...

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    Re: Short question regarding Rupture (Disc)

    Some Maths...
    10k max mana
    2.5% of 10k = 250
    Flash Heal cost: 18% of base mana
    Base mana @80: 3863 (http://www.wowwiki.com/Base_mana)
    18% of 3863 = 695 mana
    250 equals 36% of 695

    So Rupture would reduce Flash Heal mana cost by 36%. Unlikely... or subject to be nerfed heavily soon.

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    Re: Short question regarding Rupture (Disc)

    It's "rapture", not "rupture". RAAAAApture. I'm tired of seeing people call it rupture.

    Rupture: (especially of a pipe, vessel, or bodily part such as an organ or membrane) break or burst suddenly.

    Rapture: a feeling of intense pleasure or joy.


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    Re: Short question regarding Rupture (Disc)

    Causes you to gain up to [0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5] of your maximum mana each time you heal with Greater Heal, Flash Heal or Penance or damage is absorbed by your Power Word: Shield or Divine Aegis. Increasing the amount healed or absorbed increases the mana gained.

    You do not gain 2.5% every time you cast your heals or absorb damage via shields. You are allotted a maximum of 2.5% to gain and not to exceed.

    As you described:
    If you have 10,000 mana the most you can get per heal is 250. However, you have to increase the amount healed or absorbed to reach that 2.5% limit. If you heal for a low amount, you will receive a low amount of mana back.

    The scaling on this gets worst and worst at level 80. The more mana you have, the harder it becomes to reach the 2.5% cap per heal.

    I still do not think it is worth 5 talent points. I wish they would wash the talent away and think of something better.

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    Re: Short question regarding Rupture (Disc)

    Hmm, so, is there any level 80 priest who has tested this? What's the amount of healing done (or damage absorbed) needed to gain 2.5% max mana? Would be interesting to know ;D

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