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    imp ds 100% spellpower

    The talent calculator says Improved Divine Spirit gives 100% spirit to spellpower. I'm guessing this is supposed to be 10%? I mean they have been talking about buffing spirit but 100% is just way to overpowered.

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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    100% of the spirit it grants. Which equals to 80 spell power.

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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    no, it's 1 100% of the spirit you buff as spellpower. (so it isn't worse on a pally than on a priest anymore)
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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    sounds weak to me anyway, if it is supposed to share same buff category as alot of other, more powerfull buffs (flametongue totem is twice as powerfull for starters). no need to specc for it under any circumstances tbh

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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    i think they found it to be too powerfull with all the changes to spirit on gear.
    and 80spellpower (times any percentual talent buff) is still > 0 spellpower
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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    Ah, thx.

    Before they had listed it as 6% spirit for healing/damage and since you would need about 2000 spirit to give you just 120healing which is still less than 80 spell power so i'll consider it a buff. Sounds like it will only be slightly better than it is now for raiding.

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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    The change to Imp DS is a good one
    1. We can quantify what Imp DS brings to a raid in terms of a number. 80 Spellpower is a lot easier to understand than what 10% of particular peoples spirit might be.
    2. Classes that don't have gear itemised for spirit actually get a use out of Imp DS. Before getting 10% of barely anything wasn' that useful.

    There is plenty of QQ about this change being a nerf, you are only worse off once you get above 720 spirit and at a glance that isn't going to happen immediately.

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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    Still isn't worth speccing into since it doesnt stack with Totem of Wrath, and for 3 Tps? No thanks. I think at most you'll see priests using 1 TP for regular DS... IDS has been killed. Period

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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    Its wierd in general that priests - at least disc - has to spend alot more points getting what other classes get for one point further down the tree or as trained spell. We don't even have any class defining spells except for Power Word: Fortitude since all others can be done by some other class if not better (pw:s can be more or less bypassed) - we don't have stuff like multiple blessings where you need more than one to get all, totems (ofc. with raidwide its alot less there) or combat res / innervate (keeping it at healing classes for now). Now I may have missed something in all of this that makes us "unique" but not sure what it is.
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    Re: imp ds 100% spellpower

    Priests have universal tools to deal with healing (hot, group heal, single target efficiency, reactive healing), And it make them unique, with the added benefits of shields, spirit buff and a situational CC (to bad there is absolutely no undeads in WotlK). Other classes have specific buffs to make up for their weaknesses.

    Shaman buffs were the best of BC, now they are less needed with totems and bloodlust going raidwide.
    Druids were too efficients in Wotlk, Blizz nerfed it.

    Many classes have talents that requires more points than their counterparts, or just less efficient. Warlock's Ruin vs others, Hunter critical bonus vs Rogue etc...

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