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    New HotR - Explain it to me

    Hi all,
    Just reading the 8962 notes, and noticed that HotR has changed. It's now 3x MH Damage as holy damage per second. However, there's nothing saying for how many seconds. Anyone been on the PTR to see what it's all about (EU PTR is down i think and i'm still dl'ing the patch anyway)?

    It is nice they added a range on it too, works well for pvp too now i feel, as well as "Vs tauren" tank stacking and hitboxes.


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    Re: New HotR - Explain it to me

    Quote Originally Posted by Basutai
    It's displaying that it's normalized inside the dexcription.

    so, hotr does

    [(weapon's dps listed in the item) + (attack power /14)] x3
    14 ap = 1 dps
    weapon's dps = weapon's dps (i'd hope!)

    basically when you mouse over the "blah - Blahh" line on your character sheet and it shows you the average dps...triple that.

    Anything else on this I think is actually a typo.

    Basically, it's a 1-hand attack normalized like a 2-handed weapon attack.

    This is probably a damage buff in 80% of cases.

    It still does seal damage, yeah?

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    Re: New HotR - Explain it to me

    Quote Originally Posted by Basutai
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    All Seals have been reduced to 1 rank and now cost 14% of base mana. The duration has been increased to 2 minutes and are no longer consumed when a Judgement spell is cast. The effects can be triggered from all weapon based special abilities.

    It's not so much a damage buff as the ability to use a real tanking weapon. In past patches, most prot paladins using this were wielding a slow DPS 1hander geared more towards a combat-spec rogue than a tank.

    this takes weapon speed out of the equation (literally), allowing a prot paladin to use a tank-itemized weapon with the approximate same dps as the old rogue counterparts and use it more effectively.

    It's more of just a green light for getting the most threat out of it while still wearing tank-friendly stats.

    Ah, so it wasn't normalized at ALL before?

    I got the impression that 1h weapon normalization was 2.5 or 2.6, and by cranking it up to 3 for HotR, it was effectively a damage buff, with the side effect of making weapon speed less important.

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    Re: New HotR - Explain it to me

    It's a great improvement. Basically now any one handed will do, tho warrior tanking weaps are better.

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