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    A few Shadow Priest DPS questions

    These kind of cover a small plethora of topics, I am only playing on the PTR which obviously means I can only be level 70, and worst still there is massive lag / server restarts. Was wondering if a few level 80's could help answer:

    1. Devouring Plague:

    1.A I have noticed that if it ticks for instance, 350, it heals for like 40? (don't remember the actual numbers off hand) is it the same with the old Forsaken version? I wasn't an undead priest, so just curious. In other words, did it always heal for a percentage of the tick, rather than the full damage?

    1.B Is it 24 second cool down in WOTLK Realms too?

    1.C Is it working correctly for Twisted Faith, and giving the extra 5 percent damage on Mind Flay and Mind Blast?

    2. Shadow Word: Death.

    Is the new 100 percent crit a problem with the backlash, even with my 1250 or so spell damage at level 70, receiving 4K+ Crits back wasn't happy times, is it a huge problem in raids (if anyone has happened to do raids after the latest patch).

    3. How is our overall damage now compared to other classes? Have we closed the gap a lot, or still need a large push forward?

    4. Dispersion:

    How is it at the moment? I did a few tests and it seems to be ok for the DPS increase, I am not massively happy with the spell, but it seems a significant step in the right direction, does the damage work as simple as:

    Lets assume you have Mind Blast, and the base damage is 500. Lets assume it got 100 percent benefit for each point of spell damage you had, so you would do 1000 damage on mind blast. After dispersion it would then go up to 1250? It seems to be this, but as mentioned, the europe PTR having 5 second lag didn't really making testing the easiest experience

    Thanks for answering any questions

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    Re: A few Shadow Priest DPS questions

    1. A: Devouring Plague (Rank 9) - Afflicts the target with a disease that causes 1720 Shadow damage over 24 sec. Damage caused by the Devouring Plague heals the caster. 31% of base mana, 30 yd range, Instant cast, 24 sec cooldown
    1. B: Yes.
    1. C: Yes.
    2: i believe you can prevent this with the talent "pain and suffering" (3/3 Your Mind Flay has a 100% chance to refresh the duration of your Shadow Word: Pain on the target, and reduces the damage you take from your own Shadow Word: Death by 30%). If it will happen ofc it will be fixed obviously.
    3: i don't know raided as discipline and holy, didn't have the chance to see a shadowpriest in.
    4: this is to long arguement and is all over the forums.

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