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    Best PVP Alliance Class in WOTLK?

    just wondering if those that's playing WOTLK at the moment, which is the best healing class for priest for PVP only.

    i have a human priest lvl 70 disc 42/19.. didn't know i was gona pvp only. now im thinking of relvling up a dwarf priest pretty much gona be same spec and leave it at 70, until exp comes out in 2 month. so wont be behind for exp.

    just wondering if its worth it to switch from human to dwarf, and if its gona be much diff.

    so my question is which class is best healer for pvp for alliance?

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    Re: Best PVP Alliance Class in WOTLK?

    class := {Priest, Mage, Warlock, Druid, Hunter, ...}
    race := {Dwarf, Human, Nightelf, ...}


    and btw: always was and will be dwarf. Because.

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    Re: Best PVP Alliance Class in WOTLK?

    I wouldn't bother changing, unless you really don't mind levelling the same class (and faction) from 1 to 70 again.

    The new human racial is pretty good, allowing you to equip another trinket in place of Medallion of the Alliance, if they don't change it that is.

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