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    Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    What seals are other paladins going to tank with in wrath? My original thought was to seal twist with martyr and vengeance, however that does not seem as feesable.

    Seal of Righteousness: I say pass because I would use martyrdom over it because it does more damage.

    This leaves Vengeance and Martyrdom.

    Has anyone done the math on them? or speculative math? I am sure someone has can they relink it to that post?

    Right now till I test it I think that Martyrdom is better.

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    Depends on how threat looks, it might be more beneficial in the end to tank with Wisdom/Light on, provided your threat is high enough from HotR/ShotR/Holy Shield.

    Worth looking into.

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    Why would you deliberately give yourself damage by doing Blood/Martyr while tanking :

    Vengeance is the Threat Seal, Otherwise you use Light. If you are single Boss tanking you use Judgement of Wisdom and if you are AOE tanking you use Judgement of Light.

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    Seal of Command.
    It wins.

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    SoCorruption affects all targets hit by Hammer of the Righteous and stacks,
    It's also the major preference for Threat and it stacks with AP so extremely well right now.

    You'll never have any Mana problems, if you do, just use the Holy spell that regens 25% of your mana with a minute cooldown, it's already on my bars for tanking 5 mans, just judge wisdom and you'll never find yourself with any troubles threat or otherwise.

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    Corruption for me cause it procs on the other targets from hammer of rightous. Also gets 50% judgement damage buff from 5 stack making it hit hard.. I am about T4 equiv and on ptr crit 1 for 2800. Aside from that you can stop tanking that target early and move to the next since it will continue to threat for the next 15 sec. Any other feedback to this ?

    If you didnt have time to do it right the first time, where are you going to find time to do it a second?

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal


    After testing on the PTR Corruption swings deal for more damage than Righteousness and the dot effect is a nice boost incase of knockbacks.

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    I was doing Violet Hold... By the end of it I ended up using Seal of Blood to get some more mana back.

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    Re: Prot Pally - Tanking Seal

    I foresee vengeance when tanking on at-level at-gear content. And seal of blood on overgeared content.

    Then again, new BoSanc makes everything better.

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