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    Raiding and the pre-WOTLK Patch

    Majority of us Paladins will still be raiding even when the pre-Patch to WOTLK launches in mid-October (guessing), this gives all classes the chance to see their new spells and stuff come into action 1 month prior to release. That's all well and good.... but for those Palas who'll still be Raiding Sunwell for example Im wondering can a Holy Pala (like myself) be able to heal a boss like Brutallus for 6mins straight when all downrank spells (HL 8/9) will cost the same as your max rank (HL 11). It's an intensive fight for healing for all Palas who have healed it and when you're learning you can go oom alot quicker than expected and when you have killed him several times (like myself) you find it slightly easier, but still can be a pain in the ass.

    Now I know they were talking about getting rid of the Sunwell Radiance which basically took 20% dodge off the tanks so the boss would pound them more, this was because of the new mitigation changes for tanks, so maybe it is possible to heal spam for 6mins.

    What you guys think about Sunwell and the changes (for those who still will be raiding), do you think as a Holy Pala bosses like Brut that required down-ranking more-so than others will get harder/easier. Also if any other bosses will seem more challenging/easier. Guess time will tell.


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    Re: Raiding and the pre-WOTLK Patch

    spec 34 points into ret and you will no longer worry about mana. this will most likely be fixed but who cares for now.

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    Re: Raiding and the pre-WOTLK Patch

    Don't think I'll be doing that for raiding tbh as you said it will be fixed imo.

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    Re: Raiding and the pre-WOTLK Patch

    I havn't done any Sunwell on the ptr, but I have done some BT and i've got to tell ya, mana is NOT an issue. Even after the mana battery nerf I havn't seen any caster go oom. I'm sure on a fight like Brut you'll have to be a little smarter with your mana, but it still shouldn't be any more of an issue than it currently is on live with downranking.

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    Re: Raiding and the pre-WOTLK Patch


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