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    Ret Gearing Question

    So I'm on the PTR, and from what I understand at level 80:

    Exptertise Cap = 6%.
    42.66 Expertise Rating = 1% Expertise, so 256 Expertise Rating for Cap.

    Melee Hit Cap = 9%
    32.58 Hit Rating = 1% Melee Hit, so 293.22 Hit Rating for Melee Cap.

    Spell Hit Cap = 16%
    26.13 Hit Rating = 1% Spell Hit, so 418.01 Hit Rating for Spell Cap.

    So if this math is correct, I'm just wondering if there would be any point to grab enough hit rating to be both melee and spell capped, or only worry about the melee?

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    Re: Ret Gearing Question

    There is no longer Melee Hit and Spell Hit ratings (and also melee crit and spell crit rating); all of them has been merged into an unique rating stat.

    Look at this mage set: http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/...nax25_mage.jpg
    Look at this paladin set: http://static.mmo-champion.com/mmoc/...paladindps.jpg

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    Re: Ret Gearing Question

    Even though there is only one type of Hit Rating, it grants a different percentage of Melee hit and Spell hit, as shown in my previous post.

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    Re: Ret Gearing Question

    Considering the fact that we have to deal with expertise and armor penetration (caster only with spell penetration) I think we had to consider only the melee cap.
    In other words I think also for retribution paladins the melee and spell hit ratings are equals.

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    Re: Ret Gearing Question

    Is armor penetration even going to be that useful for us? Currently on the PTR I've been focusing on getting hit and expertise capped, while picking up haste where I can.

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    Re: Ret Gearing Question

    I don't know if while leveling 71-80 (and of course from level 80normal/heroics) a ret paladin can build up some "paladin equipment" (just for now ret paladin equip is just a piece of warrior equip with a +int bonus).
    If you just share pieces with warriors it will be completely natural to have to raise armor penetration because nearly all warrior pieces have this stat.

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