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    [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    I would be using the following build:


    I would be using the following gems:


    I would be using the Arena Critical Set. It gives 367 critical rating. (Does not Include: Rings, Trinket, Neck)


    Using the formula's derived from:

    Spell Critical Strike - 1% per 45.90598679 rating

    367 Rating = 7.99%

    I would have roughly 900 intellect. You would be using all the +int enchants.
    + 15% from talents = 1035

    Intellect to Spell Critical Strike - 1% per 166.6666709 Int

    1035 Intellect = 6.20%

    So far, you have a total of 14.19% Crit.
    Add in the 5% from talents, and you have 19.19%. You can also add in the 4% from PW: Shield debuff. 23.19%

    You have an ending result of 23.19% Spell Critical Strike rating. (Including Talents)

    How exactly is that good? You go full out Spell Critical Strike.

    I hope these 70 to 80 conversation rates do not stay the same or we get better spell critical strike talents.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    that its shit

    thanks blizz

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    And now - very silently and still - think for yourself how a deep HOLY priest is gonna manage 20% crit, which is needed for the holy conc changes to NOT be a nerf...

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    It's pretty early gear for WotLK... CoH was shit early and see how that dominated end game raiding?

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    Quote Originally Posted by Worshaka
    It's pretty early gear for WotLK... CoH was shit early and see how that dominated end game raiding?
    no changes were made cause u saw zero or 1 holy/disci in raid.

    if you forgot: "spirit buff patch" was a pure buff to the holy's who had SHIT mana regen, also in that patch CoH was increased the amount effected from + heal.
    then came another change on CoH.

    shall i remind - ppl keep forgeting - CoH had a 6 sec CD and no one took it, it was also raid wide or something stupid like that and it also costed 1k mana. i can't remember when it was changed, but it was changed at the time i was on lady vashj which is may-ish 2007.

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    WotLK is in beta and correct me if i'm wrong... beta is for testing and you generally can expect changes?

    Fact is, we don't have an accurate idea on what stats will be for the true end game stuff in LK. From what we've seen we can say that spell crit isn't setting the world on fire with entry level gear... believe it or not but gear does improve and you can expect to see more crit.

    With the spellpower change it might be a case of people who want to itemise into crit will do so buy collecting some peices of 'dps' gear... smart intelligent players will find ways to min max better than others.

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    Since we first hit 70, crit was a subpar stat for EVERY SINGLE SPEC IN THE GAME except for Holy Pallies. Melee classes got more from strength, agility, or haste; casters got more from +dmg or haste.

    Now that we have a level cap of 80 and we need an even larger chunk of our itemization points wasted on it to get the same percent, you expect it to be good?

    Get it through your heads: crit sucks. You're not a holy pally, you're not a FFB mage. Crit is a small bonus on other gear. You do not gem for crit, you do not gear for crit. Crit sucks.

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    Quote Originally Posted by Worshaka
    It's pretty early gear for WotLK... CoH was shit early and see how that dominated end game raiding?
    It dominated because it took three content patches of buffing, and pity boss designs to make it dominate. They never actually fixed the problems with Priest healing, they just just danced around a heal button Paladin didn't have after T5

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    Re: [WotlK] Why Discipline + Crit + PvP = No go

    Perhaps... but that response tells us something about how content is made in this game. Content will be written to match what spells and abilities players have access to.

    As a result if they are making a concerted effort to introduce crit synergy to disc priest healing and it becomes grossly under represented expect content/patches/buffs/etc to make it more alluring.

    I for one am not convinced that crit is totally useless at this point in time...
    1. WotLK environment will be different to TBC, making comparisions to TBC tactics/strategies/itemisation is pointless
    2. We've barely seen a fraction of the gear that will be available, and therefore we are making presumptions about what we can expect. I agree we can approximate but to say black & white that something is useless is a bit naieve.
    3. Crit for a disc priest will have a mana conservation effect, whether it's the same as Paladins is debatable and I totally agree understanding what the mana conservation implications will be is far more difficult to find out. But at the end of the day if you crit heal a tank and provide a damage prevention shield that means there is less damage to heal over the course of the encounter = less mana spent. Taking that to it's nth degree, if crit is good for pallys because it equals mana the same will go for disc priests.

    So all im saying is have a bit more of an open mind and wait to see some numbers on what crit will actually mean to disc in terms of +heals & mana conservation by someone who can model it properly.

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