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    Flame Wreath and anti-melee

    Well, I was looking at the Incinerate graphic and started to think of flame Wreath, and then I thought about it some more and came up with: Would it not be possible to give locks trainable or talentable Flame Wreath as a means of giving us some sort of anti-melee cooldown? Maybe a 1 minute CD, moderate knockup, high damage and have it only effect the player who triggered it as opposed to the whole enemy team. It's got the potential to be stupidly OP, but at the same time....could be really fun and just what we need. It'd essentially be anti-melee to us like UA is to anti-dot removal. The basic idea is, with how I'm thinking of it, pop it around yourself once you've gotten into a favorable position and after laying down a circle, wait for melee, teleport, melee would either have to wait for it to dissipate (or be mass dispelled perhaps?) or risk the damage/knock-up in lieu of being pounded on for however many seconds Flame Wreath is active.


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    Re: Flame Wreath and anti-melee

    You forgot about the rogue camping your teleport circle.


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    Re: Flame Wreath and anti-melee

    Quote Originally Posted by Pizbit
    You forgot about the rogue camping your teleport circle.

    A seperate rogue can camp my portal all day long, as he isn't contributing at all until he enters combat.

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