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    Build 8982 - "Twisted Faith" I'm a bit confused...

    This caught my eye while I was reading the new updates for build 8982...

    Twisted Faith now Increases your spell power by 2% of your total Spirit, and your damage done by your Mind Flay and Mind Blast is increased by 2/4/6/8/10% if your target is afflicted by Mind Flay.

    I'm a bit confused as to how this works...Unless there's some undocumented change that causes Mind Flay to become a casted DoT, rather than channeled, how can you cast Mind Blast or Mind Flay while Mind Flay is already afflicting your target? At first I checked the Talent Calc. itself to see if it was just a typo in the blue post, however the change was made there as well. Am I missing something? ???

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    Re: Build 8982 - "Twisted Faith" I'm a bit confused...

    My guess it's a typo... that mechanic would only work on MF itself making the MB increase completely redundant... i'd guess it's supposed to be while afflicted by VT?

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    Re: Build 8982 - "Twisted Faith" I'm a bit confused...

    Incorrect, read some posts on beta, spriests were doing extremely high dps, well above the benchmarks blizzard had set for us... you can even see some WWS logs of spriests doing in excess of 3K dps....

    You might want to get a bit more informed before making statements without any numbers to back them up.

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    Re: Build 8982 - "Twisted Faith" I'm a bit confused...

    It's most likely a typographical error. They already stated that they are making it so you shouldn't need 2 of any specific hybrid class, ie; Shadow Priest, Moonkin, Ret Paladin, etc...

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    Re: Build 8982 - "Twisted Faith" I'm a bit confused...

    Quote Originally Posted by VonGimli
    Either way Spriests were already low DPS and they nerfed them even more, so gg im gonna level my hunter first.

    You GOTTA be kidding me ?!?

    Seriously think before you write.. Any1, even ppl outside the PTR/Beta, had seen this come.
    Everyone thinks their world is falling.. If they had a solid sense of perspective, they probably wouldn't be gamers.

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    Re: Build 8982 - "Twisted Faith" I'm a bit confused...

    i dont know why guys talking about SP low dps the class developers say that they test sp dmg with green and blue items and they did the Biggest Dps in the game and with out raid buffs they over dps the others i have a Sp and i belive them they might lower our base dmg of our SW:P and MF but there sould be a reason as for the new twisted faith talent i think that the would be a buff/debuff on the player/mob that would inc the dmg of the mind blast and MF after you cast the MF

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    Re: Build 8982 - "Twisted Faith" I'm a bit confused...

    From Koraa

    As for Twisted Faith*, it increases damage if the target has Shadow Word: Pain not "mind flay" already on it. That's a typo.

    Source : http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/th...=2&sid=2000#32

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