Thread: Imp Fade.

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    Imp Fade.

    I see no one mentioned this? :-/

    Now decreases cooldown of fiend by 1 and 2 minutes.

    Awesome change, with the new streamlined talents taking imp fade wont effect older build types.

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    Re: Imp Fade.

    It's an old change. Should be combined with Shadow Reach.

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    Re: Imp Fade.

    Im sure they chose to combine it with imp fade because that talent only has a use in PvP and they are trying to blur the line between pvp talents and pve... now the talent has both a PvE & PvP use... were you to combine it with shadow reach that talent would become highly unbalanced and imp fade would continue to get skipped to the point that they might as well remove it.

    I thought combining these in vieled shadows was a good idea.

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