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    Disc Healing

    So i was just wondering I have been planning on healing disc since i first saw divine agies, but i was wondering on wat set to use. I was planning on using the nuker set for crit, is this right? ???

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    Re: Disc Healing

    Nuker set = dps set, and seeing as they got set bonuses it wouldn't be the best idea to cross the two sets (unless ofc. you don't like the bonuses).
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    Re: Disc Healing

    The healing gear has crit on it..

    Unless you're talking about pvp..?

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    Re: Disc Healing

    Comparing the Naxx 10 man sets, both have Crit on them- but the nukers set is higher. The Healer set has some mp5 and haste while the nuker set has hit. If you're strictly healing I doubt you'll need the hit, so the healer set would be the way to go. Unless of course you really think the extra 40 crit rating, or however much the exact number is, is really worth losing the haste and mp5.
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    Re: Disc Healing

    I don't think all the nuker set pieces have hit... I could see disc priests using cross set items when it makes sense to... you might not for the 5 set pieces but there are plenty of other slots you might itemise with 'dps' caster gear instead of 'healing' gear... there is going to be less of a distincition between gear but it seems the dps gear was hit and slight more crit in favour of mp/5 and more spirit.

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